Premiere: Fargue ‘Ruines, Irradiées’ – Releases Tomorrow, 17th December, Via Cavsas

Experimental and expansive drone is the order of the day, or drone-rock as the duo of Samuel Vaney and Eeli Helin who make up Fargue like to call it. For their new album Ruines, Irradiées, they’ve teamed up with drummer Lee Fisher to extend their vision of dark soundscapes, which is set to be released tomorrow, 17th December through Cavsas, an imprint of Cyclic Law.


Helin gives us an insight into the album’s creation, ‘Ruines, Irradiées has been in the making since late 2019, more actively composed and finished during the spring/summer of 2020. As we all know, the already worrisome global situation went only downhill from there, which amongst a plethora of other things, resulted in quite the tremendous delays with this album. Regardless, we’re extremely thrilled to finally be able to unveil it, and to fully expose and actualise the vision we have with Fargue. We’ve been looking forward to this more than words can express.’

He continues, ‘We hope that people stumbling upon this album and listening to it will find enjoyment and release from its confines and join us on this trek through ebb and flow, mute woes and unspoken hopes, that’s finally being properly ignited with Ruines, Irradiées. This is merely the beginning.’

And today, we’re able to bring you this venture into the dark realms in its entirety, so sit back, click play and get lost for an hour in the enchanted chasms of Ruines, Irradiées

More On Fargue & ‘Ruines, Irradiées’

Fargue is a Swiss/Finnish drone-rock duo founded by the multi-instrumentalists Samuel Vaney and Eeli Helin, whose debut full-length Ruines, Irradiées will be released via Cavsas, a new division of the legendary Cyclic Law, on December 17th on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

Fargue was founded late 2019, after Helin and Vaney had been working together on an ancillary project and realised that they share mutual interest and passion towards ambient, drone, post-rock, and other forms of experimental music. Not long after discussing about the subjects, the pair decided to pursue their musical ambitions together, and imminently begun the ongoing creation process that sometime later harnessed Fargue as their moniker and actualised through the release of their well-received debut EP Phosphènein in April, 2020. While the duo has worked on multiple projects before and are currently part of a plethora of them both together and individually, Fargue is an entity of its own; a unique addition to the performers vastly varied sonic scope.

Fargue 'Ruines, Irradiées'
Fargue ‘Ruines, Irradiées’ Artwork

The foundation for Ruines, Irradiées was written and recorded during the first half of 2020, as the duet spent countless hours meticulously crafting and molding the songs together as well as alone in their respective corners of the world. As a result, each of the eight tracks on the album is the consequence of both a thorough composition process and free improvisation, atmospheric but tangible bodies of work further solidified by the inclusion of the session drummer Lee Fisher and his versatile percussions. In its core, Ruines, Irradiées is the demonstration of individual freedom, ebb, and flow, merging into one coherent and vibrant, alluring expression that is simultaneously ponderous but fragile, tangible but distant, and emotionally impactful. Ruines, Irradiées speaks through a primal aural language bereft of words but infused with meaning.

The duo coined the term drone-rock to best describe their vision and ingrained a blend of styles, and albeit it might seem elusive at first, it explains itself thoroughly via the process of listening. The slowly evolving and unfolding textures possess a sense of pace and time that evades the standard frames of ambient and drone music, still advancing in a more spacious manner and being less concrete than post-rock or rock in general, hence the peculiar stylistic tag comes to play and aptly suits Fargue‘s mien.

Fargue - Guitar

As for the meaning behind their moniker, Fargue is a French word/concept roughly translating to the singular form of ‘to accuse/burden’, and in nautical terms meaning either the concealment from an assailant, or an object meant to both prevent sailors falling overboard as well as restricting water from entering the vessel. The name can also be seen as a nod towards the French poet Léon-Paul Fargue known for his atmospheric and highly detailed works spanning multiple literary movements, albeit this connotation is purely a coincidence that presented itself only after the band has chosen their title. All in all, the term can’t be summed up to bear a single meaning but mirrors the central idea of the music itself by being open for unrestricted interpretation.

Ruines, Irradiées Tracklisting:
01. Laissons tarir ces poumons
02. La masse noire 07:01
03. Tes yeux ouverts, le reflet du soleil
04. Au fond de l’eau, toujours en paix
05. Ruines, irradiées
06. Lettre à ceux qui ont
07. Notre espoir nous consumera
08. Polariseur

Fargue on Ruines, Irradiées is:
Samuel Vaney – Guitars, Bass, Keys, FX
Eeli Helin – Guitars, Bass, Keys, FX
Lee Fisher – Drums

Fargue and their new album Ruines, Irradiées releases tomorrow, 17th December via Cavsas, an imprint of Cyclic Law, and can be purchased on vinyl, compact disc and digital download over on Bandcamp.

Label: Cyclic Law | Cavsas
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp