Video Premiere: NOXe ‘Finders Keepers’ – Taken From Their Debut Album That’s Available Now

Today we can bring you something a little different from the usual Shaman fodder in the form of Potsdam, Germany’s NOXe with the title track from their debut album Finders Keepers. At just over two minutes it’s a short sharp blast of post-punk with more than a casual nod to the 90s Riot Grrrl underground feminist punk movement that’s rounded off with Claudi’s scathing vocal attack.


About the video, the band say, Finders Keepers was filmed, performed then cut by dirch666 and ourselves on a smartphone. It features some of our favourite places and is occasionally linked to incidents that happened during the late 1980s in New York City as well as about ten years later in our hometown and that hasn’t lost relevance.’

Now click play below to succumb to your inner riot grrrl…

More On NOXe & ‘Finders Keepers’

Finders Keepers is the first album of Potsdam/Germany-based fourpiece NOXe after a self-released demo tape in 2019. Speaking about self-release: Finders Keepers is a full-on DIY effort, recorded and released by the band themselves. The recording and mastering happened under the assistance of the Potsdam-based studio Chaos Audio, well known for recordings of The Antikaroshi and others.

NOXe exist since 2019 and evolved from the ashes of Complete Crap, hailing from the vibrant punk/hardcore underground of Potsdam. Guitar player Andreas ‘Stolle’ Stolz is busy since the early nineties with playing in numerous bands, like Crude B.E., Chainbreaker and Stalker to name a few. NOXe drummer Christoph ‘Xris’ Hennig played as guitarist in Brood and is currently in The Antikaroshi (Exile On Mainstream Records) as guitar player and singer. Further to this he helped shape the Potsdam music scene as one of the busiest show promoters as part of the Kollektivanalog gig series.


NOXe’s foundation followed the end of Complete Crap almost immediately: bass player Kotti, Stolle and Xris followed their inner calls to try something new. Singer Claudi joined the team despite not having any band experience. Shortly after the first rehearsals it became obvious that this is a fitting match, the music itself became to be original, free of clichés and tough to pigeonhole, even though there is a deep root in punk and noise.

In an atmosphere, coloured by experience, curiosity and open mindedness, NOXe experimented a lot and soon the first demo was recorded and released as tape on the label BlackCatTapes. The German underground and its outlets, namely fanzines and dedicated blogs, came up with raving reviews.

NOXe’s influences draw inspiration from post-punk, surf, noise and garage rock, while they call it ‘riotsoul’ themselves. Without pigeonholing it too much their sound and lyrics also pay tribute to the mid-nineties political movement of the Olympia, WA scene and the Riot Grrrl movement. Claudi’s vocals contain quite a bluesy vibe channelled into punk-driven rage and urgency. NOXe are a political band which is more than obvious in their lyrics but also manifested in their attitude by speaking out fearlessly against sexist, misogynist, fascist and antisemitic tendencies in today’s Western societies.

NOXe 'Finders Keepers'
NOXe ‘Finders Keepers’ Artwork

Finders Keepers Tracklisting:
01. Anglerfish
02. Finders Keepers
03. Future Trial
04. Deceit
05. Deadly Era
06. Poor Snip
07. Françoise
08. No Art

NOXe are:
Claudi – Vocals
Stolle – Guitars, Vocals
Kotti – Bass, Vocals
Xris – Drums

Recorded and mixed by Nikolaus at Chaos Audio and at Freiland Studio Potsdam by Yeti
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
Artwork by Dirk Hoffmann

NOXe debut album Finders Keepers, although released independently, it’s being distributed by Exile On Mainstream and can be purchased on vinyl through the labels webstore, or directly from the band over on Bandcamp on vinyl and digital download.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Bandcamp | Instagram