Before contacting The Sleeping Shaman about a Review and/or News submission, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions.

Review Submissions

What music do you cover?

To basically sum it up, we cover Doom and all it’s sub genre’s, be it classic rock, space rock, stoner, doom, drone, sludge, experimental, noise and everything in between, but if you take 5 minutes to read the site, you should get a good feel of what we cover.

Will you review our Album/CD/EP?

If you fall into the above, then yes, we’ll happily consider your recordings for review, although that’s not a guarantee as we are incredibly busy at Shaman HQ and unfortunately, we can’t review everything.

Do you write reviews from downloads?

Absolutely, in fact the majority of the promos we receive these days are from downloads, but please make sure the tracks are titled, tagged and ordered correctly.

Do you write reviews from streams?

The simple answer is NO, we will only write reviews from good quality mp3 downloads or physical promo copies be it CD, vinyl or cassette.

Do you review single tracks or videos?

No, as we’re inundated with requests, we only review demos, EPs, or full album releases.

Why is there no address to send in a physical promo?

It’s intentional, we already get enough unsolicited promo’s sent in without our address being in the public domain, but if you think your recording falls into what we cover, see the following question.

How do I submit my album for review?

If you think your band falls into the scope of what is covered on The Sleeping Shaman and would like to submit your recording for review, please fill out our contact form and supply the following information:

  • Name of band/artist and title of recording
  • Record label (if applicable) and release date
  • Band biography and/or press release – just saying your a doom band from Mordor isn’t enough!
  • Link to any online web presence, preferably with audio to stream
  • Whether the review is from a download or a physical copy
  • If a digital submission, please supply a link where we can download the promo

We sent you a Promo but you never reviewed our album?

As the site has grown, so has the number of requests for reviews and we just simply can’t cover everything. We do try and review as much as possible, but this is restricted to what time our loyal team of scribes has and whether it’s been submitted at a particularly busy time of year. It could also be the case that we felt your music didn’t fall into what we cover on these hallowed pages, as lets face it, it would be a waste of our time and yours, if you ain’t ‘heavy’ then you need not apply.

We messaged you on Facebook but never got a reply?

I know it’s crazy, but I’m afraid I don’t live on Facebook so it’s not an ideal place to contact us about a review and/or news submission. It will more often than not be overlooked as I prefer submissions to be emailed or sent in using the contact form. If you have messaged us on Facebook, or other social media networks and never got a reply, please accept our apologies as it’s nothing personal, it’s just a lot easier to manage things if they’re submitted in the appropriate way.

News Submissions

How can I submit news to be included on the site?

If you think your news is suitable for inclusion on The Sleeping Shaman, you can submit it using our contact form, if you’re representing a record label and/or are a PR agent and have a mailing list, let us know and we’ll supply an email address that you can use for future correspondence.

Why was the news I submitted never posted?

The news is handled by just one person who updates it as and when they have time, if your submission wasn’t posted, please don’t take it personally as it could have been submitted at a particularly busy time, or the message ended up in my spam box, or we felt it wasn’t suitable for inclusion.

What information do you need for a news submission?

We need a Press Statement about the news item, just asking if we can post a link to your new video/stream/whatever isn’t enough, we just don’t have the time to write about every band that gets in touch wanting a news post making, sometimes it might even be our first introduction to them, so the more you can supply, the better for us, and the chances of it being posted are greater, please also include any relevant links and where we can grab images to use.

What type of news will you consider?

The following is what we consider news worthy…

  • Details of new albums, release dates, label signings, studio reports, pre-orders etc
  • New audio and/or video streams
  • Festival announcements or confirmations
  • Tour dates, all dayers and special performances
  • Band news such as members join/leave, accidents or incidents

You get the picture and we won’t make any news posts about asking folk to ‘Like’ or ‘Vote’ for you and smaller individual gigs, especially if part of a bigger tour, unless we’re involved in some way or it’s a charity or benefit gig for a worthy cause.