Premiere: Øresund Space Collective ‘Skin Walker’ – Double Album ‘Orgone Unicorn’ Drops 26th July

Get ready to embark on a journey through the cosmos with Øresund Space Collective as the Scandinavian based psychedelic ensemble, led by none other than Scott Heller, aka Dr. Space, are preparing to release Orgone Unicorn, the new double album that features over two hours of mind-bending sonics through Lasers Edge on the 26th July.

Dr. Space - Øresund Space Collective
Dr. Space – Øresund Space Collective

But before this masterpiece is launched into the stratosphere, we at The Shaman are beyond ecstatic to bring you the opening voyage into the stars that is Skin Walker, a mesmerising twenty-five-minute blend of psych, space rock and kosmische musik.

About the track, the doctor of space Scott Heller says, ‘This was the tenth jam of the studio session and is highly inspired by Tangle Edge, as they had been working on a new album. The space sounds make it uniquely Øresund Space Collective though.’

Now click play below to be transported into another dimension with Skin Walker

More On Øresund Space Collective ‘Orgone Unicorn

The progressive music authorities at Laser’s Edge have signed prolific Scandinavian instrumental improvisational progressive/space-jazz group Øresund Space Collective for the release of the band’s impressive forty-fourth title, Orgone Unicorn. Confirming the mammoth album for release July 26th.

Founded in 2006 by Scott Heller, aka Dr. Space, Øresund Space Collective is based primarily out of København, Denmark, with roots across Scandinavia, Portugal, and more. A supergroup of sorts, the members of this expansive entity come from a wide array of Scandinavian rock groups, including The Carpet Knights (SE), Mantric Muse (DK), Bland Bladen (SE), Gas Giant (DK), Hooffoot (SE), First Band From Outer Space (SE), Siena Root (SE), My Brother The Wind (SE), Agusa (SE), Tangle Edge (NO), The Univerzals (DK), Papir (DK), Black Moon Circle (NO), among many others.

Øresund Space Collective
Øresund Space Collective

In 2012, prominent Danish guitarist Claus Bøhling (Hurdy Gurdy, Secret Oyster) played with Øresund Space Collective both live and on three studio albums. In 2018, the band was joined by guitarist Martin Weaver (Dark, Wicked Lady), and 2022 saw the addition of amazing multi-instrumentalists, Mattias Olsson (Ånglagård, Molesome) and Luis Simões (Saturnia).

An exciting live act that always gets the crowd moving and dancing to the improvised progressive grooves, Øresund Space Collective has played well-over one hundred concerts in ten countries. The band has performed at numerous European festivals including the Copenhagen Jazz Festival three times, Kildemose Festival many times, Roadburn Festival, Space Rock Odyssey, Slotsskogen Goes Progressive, Space Force 1, Psychedelic Network, Occultrance Festival, Freak Valley Festival, Burg Herzberg, Roskilde Festival, Reverence Festival, and even made it to North America to play Psycho Las Vegas.

In their eighteen years of existence thus far, Øresund Space Collective has amassed thirty-two studio albums, twelve live albums, and more. Initially releasing their music through the Swedish label Transubstans, they’ve subsequently partnered with an array of labels, eventually forming their own Space Rock Productions label through which most of their albums over the past several years were released.

Øresund Space Collective 'Orgone Unicorn' Artwork
Øresund Space Collective ‘Orgone Unicorn’ Artwork

Following their illustrious Everyone Is Evil album, released in May of 2023, Øresund Space Collective arrives with their monolithic forty-fourth title Orgone Unicorn, their first for the Laser’s Edge Group. Orgone Unicorn features many of the musicians who played on Everyone Is Evil, with Mattias Olsson, Jonathan Segel (ex-Camper Van Beethoven), Larry Lush, Martin Weaver, Luis Simões, Hasse Horrigmoe, and KG Westman, joining Scott Heller. The record courses with surreal space passages, with a dark, proggy mood. Along with the array of guitars, bass, synths, keys, mellotron, and more used throughout the record, the percussion showcases interplay between drums, gong, and drum machines.

Recorded at Éstudio Paraíso Nas Nuvens in Central Portugal, Orgone Unicorn was engineered by Larry Lush and Dr. Space, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Segel and Dr. Space, and completed with cover art by David Graham of Moonboy Art. The 2xLP version comprises five songs, while the 2xCD and digital versions feature two additional songs not on the vinyl – including extended versions of several of the songs – which culminate into an engulfing two hours and sixteen minutes of music.

Øresund Space Collective 'Orgone Unicorn' Bone Vinyl
Øresund Space Collective ‘Orgone Unicorn’ Bone Vinyl

Laser’s Edge Group founder Ken Golden states, ‘I’ve been following Scott Heller and the all-star Øresund Space Collective for years. In my mind, they are the premier space rock ensemble. It’s a thrill for us to reactivate our Laser’s Edge label with Orgone Unicorn. Space is the place!’

Scott Heller adds, ‘It is an honor for Øresund Space Collective to join the ranks of the many great bands that are or have been on Lasers Edge. Great to work with Ken, whom I have known for many, many years. I hope the fans will enjoy this new adventure in sound, as we continue to push totally improvised music into weird and wonderful places.’

Orgone Unicorn 2xLP Tracklisting:
Side A
01. Skin Walker
Side B
02. Eno´s Donut
03. Orgone Unicorn
Side C
04. Kraut Toe Trip
Side D
05. Omnia Magnifico

Orgone Unicorn 2xCD Tracklisting:
01. Skin Walker
02. Eno’s Donut
03. Orgone Unicorn
04. Red Panda In Rhodes
05. David Graham´s Wormhole Ride
06. Kraut Toe Trip
07. Omnia Magnifico

Øresund Space Collective on Orgone Unicorn is:
Mattias Olsson – Drums, Congas, Mellotron, Poly D
Jonathan Segel – Guitar, Slide Guitar, Violin, Fender Rhodes
Martin Weaver – MicroFreak, Roland Drum Machines
Luis Simões – Gong, Guitar, Noise Box
Hasse Horrigmoe – Bass
Larry Lush – Fender Rhodes, Mellotron
KG Westman – Sitar, Mellotron, Synths
Dr. Space – Hammond, Mellotron, Modular Synth, Octave Cat, ARP Odyssey, Poly D

Orgone Unicorn, the new album from the psych, kosmische and space rock ensemble Øresund Space Collective releases 26th July through Lasers Edge. Pre-sales are available now over on the labels Bandcamp, as well as the bands own Bandcamp page.

Label: Lasers Edge
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram