Video Premiere: Spider Kitten ‘The Art Of Sleeping’ – New Album ‘Major Label Debut’ Is Out Now

Just one week after the release of the new independent Spider Kitten album, the eight-track Major Label Debut, which Mark described in his review as ‘an electrifying thrill ride through psychosis’ then concluded ‘if you yearn for the simpler times of the nineties, this album will scratch that itch’. The trio thought the time was right to drop their latest video for the three and a half minute 90s grunge throwback that is The Art Of Sleeping.

Spider Kitten - Photo by Joseph Patrick Blake
Spider Kitten – Photo by Joseph Patrick Blake

When asked about the track, guitarist and vocalist Chi Lameo said, The Art Of Sleeping was the first song we wrote for this album and subsequently informed the writing of most of the others in terms of style. The lyrics were written at a particularly fraught and negative time, and I think they probably reflect that. Once the album was finished, I played it to a few friends and asked them which track stood out the most on first listen, and, to a man, they picked The Art Of Sleeping.’

And about the video, he added, ‘We shot the video in the tiny gap between lockdowns last year. Our good friend (and all round lovely, talented guy) Joseph Patrick Blake shot and edited it for us. He was very patient with us dicking about, the band members having not seen each other for nearly a year. We hope the video evokes the kind of early 90s vibe we were going for.’

More On Spider Kitten & Major Label Debut

The long awaited full length follow up to the 2016 epic Ark Of Octofelis from stupidly prolific and mercurial Welsh heavy hitters Spider Kitten finally arrives alongside their extensive back catalogue on Bandcamp.

Major Label Debut follows the surprise acidgoatweedwitchbongspacewizardwhore EP released in 2020. Channelling a heightened influence from the golden era of the SubPop sound, Major Label Debut sees the band hyper-focused on delivering raw power, razor sharp riffing and acerbic, yet witty observations on the state of the world and mental health trauma.

Spider Kitten - Photo by Joseph Patrick Blake
Spider Kitten – Photo by Joseph Patrick Blake

Recorded by the band before the COVID-19 Pandemic, and honed to perfection during, to ensure the maximum delivery of the unique Spider Kitten vision, band leader Chi Lameo has drawn from doom, grunge and pop to craft the perfect blend of hooks, melodies and sledgehammer heavy rock, he comments…

‘I love grunge and 90s alternative. Our last few albums have been very proggy, long songs, dense concept, lots of synths. I just really wanted to make something a bit simpler and straightforward. 8 shorter songs that knock your socks off.’

Spider Kitten ‘Major Label Debut’
Spider Kitten ‘Major Label Debut’ Artwork

Major Label Debut marks the 20th anniversary of the band in fine style and compasses all the elements that have made Spider Kitten so beloved and special over the years; once again they have made a record that is uncompromisingly unique and reflects their wide and eclectic approach to making albums as an art form.

As the world slowly starts to emerge from one crisis to confront the next, Spider Kitten are back to blow away the cobwebs of hibernation with their most accessible set of tunes yet.

Major Label Debut Tracklisting:
01. A Problematic Favourite
02. The Art Of Sleeping
03. Maladjusted
04. Hearts And Mindworms
05. Self Care (Makes Me Wanna Die)
06. Cherophobia
07. Sandbagged (Whoa, Yeah)
08. Over The Edge

Spider Kitten is:
Chi Lameo – Vox, Guitars
Chris West – Bass, Vox, Guitars
Jesus Jones – Drums, Bass, Vox

Spider Kitten and their new album Major Label Debut is out now and can be purchased on CD and digital download over on Bandcamp.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram