Premiere: Stream New Sorge Track ‘Argent’

I’ve said it in the past that one of the positive things about running this here webzine is being exposed to bands you would have so easily overlooked, Sorge (pronounced sor•guh) being another prime example. Hailing from Washington DC (yes, the home of US politics, but let’s ignore that fact as it’s about the music right?) and for such a young band, their debut Self-Titled four track EP shows maturity beyond their collective years.

Sorge - Photo by Matt Carter
Photo Credit – Matt Carter

And today, it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you a premier of the track Argent, a six and a half minute exploration into the world of psychedelic infused heavy doom.

Bass player Christian Pandtle (aka Xtian) comments…

‘Joshua (guitar/vocals) was raised Catholic and a couple of years ago was dealing with how to integrate his upbringing with his experiences and beliefs as an adult. The song is written from the perspective of a fallen, naive believer who can no longer contain their cognitive dissonance but is still greedy for the relief of child-like certainty. Their desire for relief, and inability to attain it, turns inward, creating a brutal morality for them to judge themselves a failure against.

Sorge 'Sorge' EP

It’s a situation that we all deal with in a variety of circumstances, a natural production of growing and realizing how large the world truly is. Throw in some references to demonic pacts and Mars and bam, metal song. It’s one of our favorites to play live, we typically open with it, and we managed to knock out the studio instrumentals in a take or two with minimal overdubbing. We then mercilessly critiqued Joshua’s vocals for hours, putting him into existential pain that mimicked that of the song’s subject.’

You know the drill, click play below then head over to Sorge’s bandcamp page where pre-orders for this digital download are available ahead of its Friday 5th June release date, with a physical release to follow.

More On Sorge & Their Debut EP

Sorge (sor•guh) recently recorded their maiden EP. Fusing elements of stoner, doom, fuzz, sludge and psychedelic metal and rock elements into an esoteric concoction of outer space and inner mind, Sorge delivers four crushing tracks totalling nearly twenty-eight minutes of sonic exploration. Elements of the fertile doom scene that birthed Saint Vitus, Internal Void, Place Of Skulls, Earthride, Iron Man, and many others show through, however, Sorge’s tunes reach far beyond said soil, infusing kaleidoscopic and ethereal elements into their sound.

Sorge was recorded with Ken Bernsten of Developing Nations Recording Studio (Full of Hell, Noisem, Ilsa), mastered by Mike Monseur, and completed with artwork by Ellie Yanagisawa and Bonner Sale.

Sorge - Photo by Matt Carter
Photo Credit – Matt Carter

Hailing from the noxious swampland of our nation’s capital, Sorge was formed in 2017 by bassist Christian Pandtle and guitarist/vocalist Joshua Gerras, and during the following year they joined forces with synth player Jake Filderman, lead guitarist Logan Boucher, and drummer Mike Romadka. After another year of writing and practicing material, Sorge’s eclectic take on heavy metal was ready to be unleashed.

A stint of shows in the greater DelMarVa tri-state area lead Sorge to sharing the stage with acts such acts as Dirt Woman, Dutchguts, and Mother Iron Horse, among others. Their performances ultimately culminated in the band playing the Ode To Doom three-year anniversary at Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan, where they shared the stage with Black Pyramids and were well received by promoters and show-goers alike.

Sorge ‘Sorge’ Tracklist:
01. Faith of a Heretic
02. A Horse in Turin
03. Argent
04. Astral Burnout

Sorge are:
Christian Pandtle – Bass
Joshua Gerras – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Romadka – Drums
Logan Boucher – Lead Guitar
Jake Filderman – Synths

Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram