Premiere: Existence Dysphoria ‘Sculpted Into Nothing’ – Taken From New Album ‘Minus Negative’

London dwellers Existence Dysphoria might be a new name to some. Formed in 2017, and their two-track EP, Shattered, was released in 2018, apart from playing the odd gig, including a set at Masters Of The Riff back, release wise things have been quiet on the dysphoria front, until now as they’ve recently hooked up with the UK’s Sludgelord Records.

Existence Dysphoria - Photo by George Buddy Brecknock
Existence Dysphoria – Photo by George Buddy Brecknock

The filth riddled doom and sludge trio will be releasing their four-track and thirty-minute debut album Minus Negative on Friday, 1st July, that’s next week folks. But prior to this prestigious date, we at The Shaman are beyond chuffed to bring you the near ten-minute mammoth Sculpted Into Nothing.

Says the band about the track, Sculpted Into Nothing sets out our M.O. perfectly. An aggressive droning intro gives way to clattering riffs that savage the listener into a state of delirium before lulling you into a false sense of security preceding the final barrage of riffs. This is sludge with bad intentions. We are Existence Dysphoria!’

More On Existence Dysphoria & ‘Minus Negative’

London-based savage sludge outfit Existence Dysphoria is preparing to unleash an epic cathartic experience through monstrous noise. Spawned from a chance meeting at the mighty Desertfest in 2017, the band have been diligently forging a sound they truly believe in; an obnoxious blend of stoner doom, space-rock and aggressive angular sludge. Following their 2018 Shattered EP, Minus Negative is the trio’s debut album.

The term Minus Negative refers to the self-perpetuating cycle of events that leaves the individual at a state of worthlessness. This toxic cycle has many ugly manifestations. The listener shall perceive this as they see fit. Produced and mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio, he was an absolute wizard and they smashed out the whole thing in 4 days. The band state it was an absolute pleasure to work with him and he really brought out the best of them as musicians.

Existence Dysphoria - Photo by George Buddy Brecknock
Existence Dysphoria – Photo by George Buddy Brecknock

Existence Dysphoria aims to encapsulate the paradoxes of the human condition. Marrying contradictory nature of humanity, darkness and light, the band draw significant influences from dystopian ideas of societal collapse along with the shadowy underbelly of our realm: hypocrisy, depression, historical fabrications, drug abuse. Musically the act manipulates the dynamics of their tracks, fusing multiple layers of textures to create a colossal impact.

Minus Negative opens with an enthralling cinematic introduction. The Stage Is Set establishes a dramatic and eerie atmosphere aptly setting the tone for the album. Powering straight into Sculpted Into Nothing deliciously distorted fuzz manifests with pounding percussion and haunting vocals. The heavy doom sound cultivates an intense gloom. Their brutal edge hits hard descending further into the cesspool of filth. Exploring instrumental textures from the distortion fuelled to cleaner serene tones, these contrasting elements enhance the listening experience of You’re Worse. The title track, Minus Negative, encompasses a thrilling voyage through the terrifying and mystifying world we call home.

Existence Dysphoria 'Minus Negative'
Existence Dysphoria ‘Minus Negative’ Artwork

Existence Dysphoria is unafraid to push beyond the boundaries in their music. The sheer unrelenting power and unwavering audacity from the trio is impressive. They have a clear vision for their work and are bringing it to life with a proficient execution. Minus Negative is a staggering debut album, become immersed in this nightmarish take on reality.

Minus Negative Tracklist:
01. The Stage Is Set
02. Sculpted Into Nothing
03. You’re Worse
04. Minus Negative

Existence Dysphoria is:
Ben Ambrose – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Harley – Drums
James Bullock – Bass

Minus Negative, the debut album from London’s Existence Dysphoria, will be released next Friday, 1st July through Sludgelord Records on compact disc, cassette, and digital download. Pre-orders are available now over on the labels Bandcamp.

Label: Sludgelord Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram