Premiere: 10,000 Years ‘March Of The Ancient Queen’ New Album ‘II’ Drops In June

It only feels like last week when long time supporter of The Shaman Alex Risberg contacted me about premiering the track Master Of Oblivion from his new band 10,000 Years. It turns out it was only June last year, not even 12 months ago, so this stoner metal trio have certainly hit the ground running since the release of their debut Self-Titled EP as they prepare to unleash the follow up, simply entitled II and is pencilled in for a June 2021 release.

10,000 Years ‘March Of The Ancient Queen’

And today, we can bring you the lead track from this highly anticipated sludge and metal sonic attack, which the band comments on: ‘The first single off the album is March Of The Ancient Queen and it is the perfect example of 10,000 Years heavy yet catchy disposition and massive riffage. So tune in, drop out and let the myriad gospel take hold of your mind!’

Now click play below and pre-orders for II can be purchased over on 10,000 Years Bandcamp.

More On 10,000 Years & ‘II’

Having previously played together in the original lineup of Swedish underground heavyweights Pike, Erik Palm (guitars) and Alex Risberg (bass/vocals) found their way back to each other, musically, in early 2020. The creative fire reignited and stoked to a burning inferno and through a mutual love of heavy riffs and thundering stoner rock, doom- and sludge metal, 10,000 Years was born. Finding a drummer would prove to be an easy task and with Espen Karlsen the final piece lay firmly in place. The groove they fell into during the first rehearsal hasn’t stopped rumbling since.

10,000 Years

After spending the first half of 2020 writing and rehearsing, 10,000 Years recorded their self-titled debut EP during one weekend in June in the legendary Studio Sunlight with equally legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg. The self-titled EP was released on July 10th 2020 and immediately struck a chord with the heavy underground worldwide and 10,000 Years garnered rave reviews and accolades.

10,000 Years musical and lyrical world revolves around the tale of the terran class III exploration vessel the ‘Albatross’ and its mission to explore the Milky Way and nearby galaxies in search for a possible new home for humanity. The EP tells the tale of its first foray into space and what happens when the crew accidentally travels through a wormhole and ends up in an adjacent dimension populated by ancient gods and giant beings, ruled by the Green King. The EP ends with From Suns Beyond, where the crew make it off from the strange planet, back out into space in search of a way back home. The new album picks up the story as the ‘Albatross’ blasts through the atmosphere of a new (?) planet and crash lands headfirst into new, strange adventures.

10, 000 Years 'II'

Now, less than a year after their first release 10,000 Years are back with their first full length effort, aptly titled II. Picking up right where the EP left off, II continues the story of the ill-fated Albatross-mission and its exploration of time and space through a skullcrushing mixture of stoner rock, doom & sludge metal. The album will no doubt continue to build on 10,000 Years already golden reputation and prove to be an even bigger hit with the heavy masses.

II will be released 11th June (subject to change) on vinyl by underground heavyweights Interstellar Smoke Records with a CD edition and digital coming from Death Valley Records. Additionally, there will be two different cassette editions from Ogo Rekords and Olde Magick Records respectively.

10,000 Years

II Tracklist:
01. Descent
02. Gargantuan Forest
03. Spinosaurus
04. The Mooseriders
05. Angel Eyes
06. March Of The Ancient Queen
07. Prehuman Walls
08. Dark Side Of The Earth

10,000 Years are:
Erik Palm – Guitars
Alex Risberg – Bass, Vocals
Espen Karlsen – Drums

II Credits:
Recorded 18-21 February 2021 in Studio Sunlight, Norrtälje, Sweden
Produced and mixed by Tomas Skogsberg in Studio Sunlight
Mastered by Magnus Andersson in Endarker Studios, Norrköping, Sweden
Artwork and design by Francesco Bauso, Negative Crypt Artwork
Logo by Dominic Sohor

Label: Interstellar Smoke Records | Death Valley Records | Ogo Rekords | Olde Magick Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram