Premiere: Aerosol Jesus ‘Survive’ – Releases This Friday, 23rd April

Following on from the 10,000 Years stream earlier, its now time change things up with the post-hardcore sludge from Brighton delinquents Aerosol Jesus. With their latest offering Survive being released imminently via Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records, even reading through the track titles before hearing a single note is already sending a message as to what to expect on this punishing, yet thought provoking, five tracker.

Aerosol Jesus

Jamie, who was blown away with this twenty five minute bludgeoning, states in his recent review that Aerosol Jesus ‘take the more articulate end of the sludge spectrum, add a sprinkle of post-hardcore, and filter all that through an evocative narrative of noir rock balladry. The results combine the bludgeoning kinetics of the best heavy music with a thoughtful, self-reflective edge’ and concludes ‘Survive is a vision of substance that’s all too short and wildly impressive’.

Now click play and let all five tracks exploit your inner sanctum, before heading over to Sludgelord Records or Black Voodoo Records to grab yourself a pre-order.

More On Aerosol Jesus & ‘Survive’

Aerosol Jesus are a post-sludge band from the depths of the Brighton DIY scene. Formed in 2017, the band took varied influences to create a blend of emotive post-sludge focused on mental health issues using a maximalist sound with hard hitting riffs and crushing rhythms. In 2018 saw the debut release of Failure on cassette via Astral Noize Records, which was well received and sold out in the following months.

Aerosol Jesus 'Survive'

Immediately picking up where debut EP Failure left off, Survive is a blistering display, showcasing Aerosol Jesus‘ rapid development. Utilising dynamic variation and applying a ‘less is more’ approach, Survive blends noise, doom, and screamo, forming an unsettling output that isn’t necessarily abrasively blunt, but instead leaves a much deeper lasting impact.

Melville‘s lyrical and vocal approach detailing panic attacks, personal failures, and questioning ongoing struggles, you’re not entirely sure which way it could go when he screams ‘you are watching me drown’ on closer Drown. Soundtracked by constantly spiralling and dropping instrumentation, Aerosol Jesus have maintained a distinct approach in a densely populated genre. Drown includes guest vocals by Tanya Byrne from doom legends Bismuth.

Aerosol Jesus

Survive was recorded and mixed by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios (USA Nails, Torpor, Calligram) during December 2019, and mastered by James Plotkin in March 2020 (Cave In, Merzbow, Thou). Survive will be released via Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records on April 23rd.

Survive Tracklisting:
01. Cowards
02. Survive
03. Others
04. Just
05. Drown

Aerosol Jesus are:
Oli – Vocals
Rauri – Guitar
Tom – Guitar
Sam – Bass
Frank – Drums

Label: Sludgelord Records | Black Voodoo Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram