Premiere: Stream Gaffa Ghandi Track ‘War On Fire’

How do you describe the indescribable? That was my immediate reaction when listening to Berlin based eclectic four piece Gaffa Ghandi. A band who manages to seamlessly merge a smorgasbord of rock, prog, psych and stoner into a sound that the press release states as ‘Disgustingly Beautiful’ – I really can’t argue with that.

After ten years of jamming and formulating their musical ideas, Gaffa Ghandi are now set to release their debut album Artificial Disgust on the April 24th via the awesome Exile On Mainstream Records and today, we’re elated to bring you the third track on the album War On Fire.

Now click play below, then head over to the Exile On Mainstream webstore as pre-orders are available now.

More on Gaffa Ghandi & ‘Artificial Disgust’

After years of brooding over ideas, scrapping them, re-formulating and discarding again, more than once neck-deep in despair and confusion, it finally happens, unexpected for some, welcomed by a fair few: Gaffa Ghandi will release their first ever official full-length in their tenth year of existence.

Honed by the musical tension between the vibrant underground scenes of Dresden and Berlin where either half of the members live, the four-piece lay some astonishing riffage to tape and record. Artificial Disgust features four tracks illustrating the band’s musical history to perfection, putting it in a blender and sugars up the brew: straight riffage meets prog-laden structures, wrapped in psychedelic amalgam, breathing towards all sides but remaining compact enough to be played while driving through the rush hour. Disgustingly beautiful.

Gaffa Ghandi 'Artificial Disgust'

Irony remains the strongest weapon for the cynical generation the band represents and here it gets its soundtrack. You want name-dropping? Forget it. Early educated and skilled Gaffa Ghandi puzzles together some psychedelic craze made from desert rock, proggy syncopism, and thus qualify for bringing the term crossover back from its stale taste. Yes, one must be some dreamer to appreciate this. A dance on a rope between the cracks, above the abyss of taste, honoring the untenable circumstances.

Artificial Disgust was recorded by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studio, Robin Ravn at FKN Recording Studio, Alan Bittner at Frieders Livingroom, Georg Edert at Gaffa Ghandi Rehearsal Space, Torsten Lang at Torstens Livingroom, and Niklas Wenzel at Virtuose Vibes Studio. The record was mixed and mastered by Torsten Lang and is completed with photography and design by Maren Michaelis and layout by Benjamin Butter.

Germany’s eclectic Exile On Mainstream will release Artificial Disgust on April 24th. The album features four tracks on the vinyl version with a bonus track from the archives on the CD and digital versions; the vinyl includes a download code. For pre-orders click here.

 Artificial Disgust Track List:
1. Symphony Of Swag
2. Ancient Dominator
3. War On Fire
4. Progressive Concepts For A Modern World Of Multilayered Structural, Sociological And Individual Changeabilities
5. Phobophobie (CD/Digital Bonus Track)

Gaffa Ghandi are:
Georg Edert – Drums
Lucas Kazzer – Bass
Frieder Ackermann – Guitar
Alan Bittner – Guitar

Label: Exile On Mainstream Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp