Video Premiere: Friend ‘International Top Bloke’ – Taken From Their Debut Album ‘Champion’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we at Shaman HQ are big fans of Human Worth, both in terms of the music they unleash, and the ethos behind the label as with every release, they make a generous donation from the proceeds to a worthy cause, which, during current difficult times, is probably more needed than ever before.


Up next on the Human Worth roster with have Newcastle-upon-Tyne trio Friend and what their name lacks when trying to search for them on various search engines and social evil platforms, the music packs one hell of a punch with their filth riddled sludge induced noise-rock.

As pre-sales for their debut album Champion start this Friday, 6th May, with 10% of proceeds being donated to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne community West End Women and Girls, the Shaman is able to bring you the first cut from the seven tracker with a video for International Top Bloke. But please be aware, with surreal papier-mâché masks, and the odd bare arse being exposed, you may never feel the same again, so press play below to watch and listen with caution…

More on Friend & ‘Champion’

Human Worth are proud to present the debut album Champion from the new North East based trio Friend, with a portion of proceeds donated to charity.

Three friends from Newcastle-upon-Tyne hammering out heavy, wholesome riffs. Featuring members of Lump Hammer, Lovely Wife, Plague Rider, and Penance Stare; Friend have spent the last few years mixing disparate influences into the hearty mix that is Champion.

Friend 'Champion'
Friend ‘Champion’ Artwork

Stylistically varied but sonically consistent, Champion consists of multi amped earth-shaking guitar, pummelling drum work, and rasping vocals; using those elements to colossal effect, as well as giving way to dynamic shifts into gentler territory before diving back in. Pulling from influences ranging from Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins and Failure to Old Man Gloom, Floor and The Abominable Iron Sloth, Champion taps into the cathartic joy of heavy music.

Human Worth have pressed up a super limited edition of cassettes and CDs, with 10% of all proceeds will be donated to charity West End Women and Girls – The first and only open access, community based women and girls centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Champion Tracklisting:
01. International Top Bloke
02. The Beast
03. Geoffrey
04. Dungeon Master
05. Wellness
06. Uncle Tommy
07. A Reminder

Friend is:
Tim Croft – Guitar
James Watts – Vocals
Skylar Gill – Drums, Vocals

Pre-sales for Champion, the debut album from Friend, start this Friday, 6th May, and will be available over over on Human Worth’s Bandcamp.

Label: Human Worth
Band Links: Bandcamp | Instagram