Review: Oakfarm ‘Oakfarm’

Suppose you are a fan of vintage heavy rock that sounds like a hedonistic trip away to your favourite hideaway, wearing your battered old brown leather jacket, whilst sharing a single malt and overlooking a log fire. In that case, you are going to love Oakfarm as their vibe fits this scenario perfectly.

Oakfarm 'Oakfarm' Artwork
Oakfarm ‘Oakfarm’ Artwork

The German heavy psych-rock trio got together in late 2020 with the sole purpose of playing vintage heavy rock infused with some bluesy and psychedelic textures. Think Graveyard, think Kadaver, and you are in the same space as these guys, whose debut album is full of catchy, sing-along melodies and scintillating riffs.

It all begins with What If, a song that sways one way then another but gives you a fuzzy, warm feeling inside, the notes circulating like autumnal leaves that have fallen off a tree and are being tossed and blown around in the breeze as the tone continues on the next song Reason.

full of catchy, sing-along melodies and scintillating riffs…

The Way starts with a simple but effective bassline from Arne Dopper and is complimented by the drumming from Dennis Oelze, to gently ease into a song that typifies the way the band play music. The riffs from vocalist and guitarist Tobia Lemberger are heavenly and will have you tapping your feet in approval. Sombre Vita brings a slightly different ambience with a slower build-up, easing you into a sumptuous bluesy riff that develops further as the song continues.

The heavy rock feeling continues further with two more excellent songs Carry On and the super funky Friends, which is my favourite offering on the album as it has, for me in any case, a touch of The Beatles about it as well, with the psychedelic edge dripping off the notes throughout the song. The ‘70s full of energy vibe resonates even more with Let It Breathe as it’s a delectable melody wrapped around meaningful lyrics and a rhythm that feels like a drive along an empty highway with the wind blowing in your hair.

They end with a fairly apt song entitled The Melody, an eight-minute demonstration of how they feel about music, each member showcasing their talents eloquently, which pretty much sums them up throughout their self-titled debut. The melodies are infectious and designed to raise the roof, but in a subtle way, not through chaos or madness but through gentle, wavering music that will inspire people to sing along and enjoy an atmospheric ride that is plentiful and beautiful in equal measure.

Label: Pink Tank Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

Scribed by: Matthew Williams