Triggerman ‘Brand New Day’ CD 2011

Triggerman-BrandNewDayHave you ever seen the film Deliverance? The tale of backwoods torment and rape of a group of tourists by a bunch of redneck hick inbreds in the deep south of the USA? You all know the “Duelling Banjos” theme music right? How come a band from Derry in Ireland has managed to produce a seven track album that would fit as a far more fitting soundtrack to this film!!!

Formed in Derry in 2002 it appears that over here on the English mainland we’ve been missing out as these guys have carved themselves a strong reputation in their homeland. Coming on like a mix of Scissorfight and Trailer Hitch (anyone remember them from the good old Man’s Ruin days?), Triggerman kick out a bucktooth southern fried metal racket that bristles with a retarded wholesomeness.

Opening track “The Riff Holds Sway”, apart from having one of the best titles going, does exactly what it says on the tin. A simplistic yet driving stop/start riff rides along on a meaty underlying groove and in a little over 3 minutes celebrates the most vital component of this thing we call ROCK!!! It’s clear from the start that Triggerman are no U2, they don’t appear to give a fuck about the state of the world as long as the power of rock stays true. From the sounds of it they’d be more likely to be found in Africa teaching kids how to throw the Devil horns rather than distributing bags of rice!!!

Mensa won’t be calling when they hear “I Got the Lurgy”, another fantastic slice of irreverent down home metal that rides on a bouncing riff and an elastic bass line and tells a sorry tale of one man’s fight with sickness. Bap’s vocals sound as though they’ve been hewn from years of whiskey and nicotine abuse and his part sung, part spoken style does invoke memories of the mighty Iron Lung from the much missed Scissorfight. The vocals are delivered with ultimate grit and conviction and not a little amount of mental illness. Triggerman up the pace on “The Road To Damascus” which sounds like Blackfoot jamming with Metallica…Southern rock and roll with an added dose of crunch. Prog rock this ain’t, Triggerman find a riff, lock into a groove and pound away at it until it’s hammered into your cerebellum.

The title track sees the band releasing their inner Clutch as they once again plough a mighty groove. Similarities with Clutch’s “Careful with that Mic” are inevitable here…redneck rap rock, you betcha!!! Despite being a little too close for comfort this is still a mightily enjoyable romper of a tune. “Horns” comes on all tribal before kicking into another effectively simple rolling riff. Vocally the Clutchism’s are becoming increasingly noticeable but 5 tracks in the rhythmic spoken style is starting to wear a little thin as you start hoping for a little more variety in the delivery on the next track. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this is still a very strong, catchy little ditty that’s paced just right to induce a mighty mosh pit at gigs.

Again the title says it all on “There Strides Goliath” as another monstrous fat riff rides a giant groove. Again though vocalist Bap falls into his comfort zone with another part spoken delivery…seriously, this dude has a great set of pipes and I’m sure would be capable of delivering some killer melodies but his style of choice starts getting very close to overstaying its welcome by the halfway mark. That may sound a little harsh as each track taken in isolation delivers the killer blow in no uncertain terms and there is no doubt that Triggerman are an awesome band, and there is no doubt also that live these guys almost certainly bring it in style.

Ironically the last track is called “Voices” and once again features a killer riff and groove in the vein of the mighty Clutch but yet again falls into the same Fallonesque Clutch like trap…this works for Neil Fallon as he varies his attack with a plentiful dose of melody.

Triggerman are undeniably an awesome band with a trick bag of killer riffs slung over their backs and a whole load of “fuck you” swagger in their delivery. Their huge Southern stomp is a welcome antidote to the hordes of po faced post rock drones that seem to pop up on every street corner. Just a little more variety in the delivery in future would lift them from being an awesome band to world class.

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall