Misty Morning ‘Saint Shroom’ 12″ 2011

Misty Morning 'Saint Shroom' 12" 2011When Misty Morning’s “Martian Pope” EP was released it proved itself to be a charming slice of Cathedral worship that was rescued from being a mere clone by some excellent musicianship and an innate song writing skill that reeked of energy and passion. On this new release the band have retained the style of the first EP but pushed the boat out in every respect over two lengthy and audacious tracks that still fly the Cathedral flag high but with an increased level of invention, class and power.

The title track kicks off with some mournful cello before a size 12 doom riff lumbers into view. Fortunately Misty Morning are one of the increasingly rare breed of doom bands who realise that playing at a snails pace all the time becomes tiresome very quickly and as a result we are quickly rewarded with a nippy, rollicking riff the likes of which Cathedral have failed to write since 1995!!! As the track progresses over its 12 plus minutes we switch from the kick ass, to the moribund to the downright weird!!! At around the 6 minute mark things go all quiet and distinctly Type O Negative on us. Let’s face it, Type O no longer exist and Cathedral are soon to be no more so there’s a definite gap in the market for Misty Morning to slot right into!!! The track itself is augmented throughout by various keyboards and electronic effects that serve to add a breadth and scope to the sound that few doom bands are able to manage. Despite the length of the song at no point do you feel compelled to start clock watching as the track shifts from movement to movement with an easy flow; each movement having a distinct character but complimenting the piece as a whole and working together in sympathy. Stepping back and looking at the track objectively this is a remarkable piece of very effective, skilful and atmospheric song writing that, although sitting squarely within the doom genre isn’t afraid to cast it’s line outside its confines to classic 70’s rock and dark occult Gothicism.

Flip this lush piece of blood red vinyl over and you will be greeted by another epic 11 plus minute doom dirge that goes by the unfathomable name of “Jellotron”…don’t ask!!! Perhaps not as strong as the A side this is still a commanding piece of monolithic doom. The Cathedral comparisons are possibly more overt here looking back to some of the darker moments of “The Ethereal Mirror” or “Carnival Bizarre”. This is in no small part to the vocals of the bearded master of the riff, Luca Moretti, who bears more than a small resemblance to Lee Dorrian with his exaggerated, guttural snarl. This track is far less adventurous than its counterpart, preferring to roll along at a more traditional mid paced doom style crawl but that’s not to say that it isn’t choc full of mighty riffs and the occasional acoustic guitar and spooky keyboard to add texture and flavour.

Misty Morning have definitely upped their game on this release from the greatly improved and more quixotic song writing, to the insane lavish packaging that this comes wrapped in to the beefed up and professional sounding production. It’s good to know that, in a doom scene bursting at the seams with a lack of inventiveness, in a dark corner of Italy Misty Morning are continuing to explore and expand the genre and create quality music.

Label: Doomanoid Records
Website: www.myspace.com/mistymorningdoom

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall