Review: Squid Pisser ‘My Tadpole Legion’

The second release that I’ll be covering from the brilliant Three One G label couldn’t be any more different from that of Venamoris (featuring Slayer/Fantomas legend Dave Lombardo and wife Paula) who brought us a divine collection of beautifully crafted experimental pop back in February. Squid Pisser is an infinitely more aggressive and frantic prospect and its far from surprising for anyone familiar with Justin Pearson‘s career as a member of The Locust amongst many others, that he would be co-releasing an album like My Tadpole Legion on his aforementioned label alongside Sweatband Records.

Squid Pisser 'My Tadpole Legion'
Squid Pisser ‘My Tadpole Legion’ Artwork

Squid Pisser are a brand-new outfit having only formed last year and sees Tommy Meehan on guitar (Deaf Club/Cancer Christ/Sweatband Records) collaborating with Seth Carolina on drums (Starcrawler). The project features a multitude of guest vocalists as well as the drumming of John Clardy of Tera Melos on three tracks. The album title, much like the band’s name, implies that this is probably not going to be the most serious of musical endeavours, but then I’ve been primed for it having seen Russians Siberian Meat Grinder support Napalm Death earlier in March.

Liquified Remains kicks the living shit out of you from the off and never before have I been so grateful for such a visceral sonic pummelling; so unpredictable is it that fans of Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan will be soiling themselves with excitement. Moments also recall crossover legends Cryptic Slaughter and Wehrmacht, I’m blown away by this opener and you will be too.

Violence Forever has Meghan O’Neill (Punch/King Woman) delivering a blistering and harrowing vocal performance. Funnily enough, while the track is still fast and uncompromising, there is nevertheless a progressive edge that brings to mind Between The Buried And Me. It may take a couple of listens to pick up on as it’s quite subtle but persevere and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Marching For Trash has Seth‘s Starcrawler bandmate Arrow DeWilde making an appearance and the track alternates between that band’s brand of snotty garage punk and Squid Pisser‘s more frantic hardcore/noisecore orientated sound, and it works!

kicks the living shit out of you from the off…

The Everlasting Bloat contains shades of Mike Patton during his more schizoid vocal ventures on Faith No More numbers such as Cuckoo For Caca and Ugly In The Morning, the track in fact has you thinking of that band if they went down a more death metal route. Pretty amazing. My Tadpole Legion has Yako of Melt Banana‘s unique chirping and yelping style which have always been a love or hate ’em type affair and the resultant music definitely delivers in that eccentric Japanese noise-rock vein recalling the mighty Boredoms, Zeni Geva and of course Melt Banana.

Both is metalcore that once again evokes vintage Converge, meanwhile, Vibe Monster, which features Joey Karam (The Locust) and John Clardy (Tera Melos), has the kind of ominous atmospheric industrial grind that you’d associate with Godflesh and Head of David. There are some post-punk tendencies present too and anyone familiar with my reviews by now, will know that this is always a bonus. Fuck Your Preacher is a goofy all-out blast of Siege/Deep Wound worship that I absolutely love, and finally Lord Of The Frog is pure noise damage ala Merzbow courtesy of DJ Embryonic Petit Sac. Disturbed screams and hardcore blasts are buried beneath layers of distortion that help draw the album to an uneasy yet apt conclusion.

Let’s be honest, I was never expecting Burt Bacharach upon approaching My Tadpole Legion and I was indeed met with a suitably intense and visceral listening experience. The album is brief and to the point, leaving you restless for more.

Label: Three One G Records | Sweatband Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Reza Mills