Big Business ‘Here Comes the Waterworks’ CD 2007

Big Business 'Here Comes the Waterworks' CD 2007Big Business formed in 2004, and later became part of the Melvins after the success of their debut album, this release, however, is a huge improvement and step forward for the Seattle two-piece. This time around they’ve acquired a much more focused direction to their music. This really is an unforgiving ride through powerfully memorable riffs, ear pounding vocals, and far better structured songs than their earlier album. You can even hear some influence from their time working with the Melvins coming through in the grunge laden distortion, brain numbing bass, and stoner metal direction.

It has the variation so much needed by bands that walk the sludge metal path, and even themselves in comparison to their last album, ‘Head For the Shallows’. Slight electronic sampling, for example, which clings to the music complimentingly. Lyrically the album is a lot more mature too, in how it’s integrated into the music. Some of it sounds ridiculous at times, but it works well enough, and it sticks in your head. If the listener can remember it, then that’s half the battle won. Luckily they’re good enough to remember, too; Jared Warrens’ throaty vocals match them perfectly.

The band can feel slightly repetitive at times, but when you hear songs such as ‘Grounds For Divorce’ with its harmonic backing vocals and understated guitar work, you’ll see just what this band is capable of. They even manage to mix it up with some partially psychedelic stylings to their music. Ranging from the slow and dreamy ‘Another Beautiful Day in the Pacific Northwest’ to ‘Start Your Digging’, with its relentless, anthemic pace adding to the proceedings. There’s not much that can be put to fault on this album besides a somewhat repetitious nature… but that’s few and far between. This is definitely going to go down well with those who like their sludge with a touch of stoner to it. It works perfectly. Not as powerful as other releases in the genre, but Big Business seem to have found their niche, and they’re only going to get better as they progress.

Label: Hydra Head

Scribed by: Lewis Hunter