Alkerdeel / Gnaw Their Tongues ‘Dyodyo Asema’ CD/LP/DD 2014

Alkerdeel / Gnaw Their Tongues 'Dyodyo Asema'Two of the most vile creatures from the low countries ( The Netherlands and Belgium) have joined forces on one nineteen minute long session of audial terror. Gnaw Their Tongues has long been known as the most inhuman sounding entity ever to emerge from the Dutch swamps and a collaboration with the disgusting black metal meets sludge merchants Alkerdeel from Flanders is a nightmare come true.

The proceedings start off with noise as only Mauries of Gnaw Their Tongues can create. A direct gateway to hell is opened. Slowly the manure covered bass of Alkerdeel is blended in the mix and a build up of suspense is felt. The suffocating atmosphere gets thicker and thicker. A rasping voice mocks us, laughs at us for listening to this ear-rape. Then after the seven minute mark a full on black metal assault bursts out of the murky swamp, a cruel and relentless demon clawing at our faces and bodies, defecating into our orifices and vomiting black bile in our faces.

Everything about this recording is just perfectly hideous and there is not even the slightest glimmer of salvation to be seen. A swirling mass of chaotic drums, shards of melodies, throbbing bass, serpentine soundscapes and maniacal vocals is summoned here. A black portal, filled with brimstone and sulfur, opens and sucks you in.

This must be what it would feel like to drown in a swamp filled with feces. Somewhere past the fifteen minute mark, the “musick” dies away, leaving only a rotting carcass of abrassive noise and rasping vocals, a final mockery of the human form. Then suddenly the portal closes and all that remains is a welcome silence.

Gnaw Their Tongues and Alkerdeel have created a musical nightmare here. A nightmare I will have many, many times.

Label: ConSouling Sounds
Alkerdeel: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter
Gnaw Their Tongues: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Kevin Kentie