33 – Demo 2010

33 - Demo 2010For a new band, South Wales based bruisers 33 have some pedigree. Born out of the cream of local bands, 33 was conceived as a vehicle for nihilistic sing-along hardcore emulating the likes of Sheer Terror, Blood For Blood and Negative Approach. The band comprises of ex members of Ironclad, Dukes Of Nothing and Strength Alone for those of you who follow the scene closely.

They have quickly gotten down to the nitty gritty of song writing – producing 8 songs and booking a 5 date UK tour for late November 2010 w/ Black Breath, Gallows and Rise & Fall amongst others.

The first fruits of the labour will be a split 7″ with KILL LIFE – a brand new band featuring members of Integrity, Fucked Up and Dead Wrong. This will be available on the tour in November on CHAPTERS / ALL THE WAY ALIVE Records.

Of the songs that are available through their Myspace page or the band themselves, the emphasis is on going straight for the jugular and grabbing your attention with a steel toecap to the nethers.

‘Coke Party’ is a 33 (see what they did there) second blast of hardcore that crams quality into its short run time with its statement of intent ‘That’s how we roll’. It’s like an intense distillation of the controlled fury of Slayer, the gang chorus’s so familiar of the hardcore genre and all over before you can draw breath, bouncing up and down like a prize fighter begging to go again.

By contrast ‘Dark Light intro vox’ is an almost epic 2 and a half minutes combining fury with groovy breakdowns. The vocals strain with call and response refrains in time with the build and release dynamics and intricate guitar work. It is anthemic and brutal and sounds like a thousand thrown fists in dingy small club pits.

Available on their Myspace ‘Drink & Fight 2010’ is clearly demo quality in comparison but continues in the same vein, a thug rally cry of small town frustration, churning riffs and grooves overlaid with killer lead guitar that snarls and spits all the way through the track, music to get fucked up and bang your head to.

Clearly a band developing at a rapid pace these are no doubt exciting times for 33. Check em out on tour, drink beer and get down the front – just take a crash helmet.

Label: Self Released
Website: www.myspace.com/33aregods

Scribed by: Mark Hunt-Bryden