Monster Magnet ‘Mastermind’ CD 2010

Monster Magnet 'Mastermind' CD 2010All of a sudden Monster Magnet are back with a new album ‘Mastermind’, a new up to date website which has been a long time in coming, which is very good. Monster Magnet are right in the middle of a tour, dominating Europe with their space rock, then it’s the sudden departure of Ed Mundell. Reports are they are sharing guitar duties for now between Phil Caivano and David Wyndorf which in itself may fire up a different vibe.

So ‘Mastermind’, for fans it’s a must buy, more muscle bound sound than ‘God Says No’ and ‘4-Way Diablo’, but it still has that Monster Magnet formula . The sound is a very modern production, but digging into Powertrip’s groove. It’s opens with ‘Hallucination Bomb’ and then ‘Bored With Sorcery’, both with plenty of girth, low slung grooves that cascade into MM classic chorus “I don’t want to rape the world today” is the battle cry, then one of the highlight’s ‘Dig That Hole’ will find its way into their main live set no doubt, then ‘Gods and Punks’, the album single and the title track which has that Stooges/MC5 feel that Dave draws his inspiration.

The album moves along at a wonderful pace, at first listen you would put ‘Perish In Fire’ as a single , it will remind you of ‘See You In Hell’ then the album takes a lighter note , still with space rock cool that keeps the listener kicking back in their imaginary leather trousers and bag of weed at their side. If you have the UK version , you will enjoy ‘Fuzz Pig’, a masterful fuzzed out piece of full on sonic distortion , which will make a fan like me say I love this fucking band!

Label: Napalm Records

Scribed by: Sean Parkin