Review: The Far Outs ‘The Far Outs’

Alright, I’m unsure what your stance is on duo’s. Passe, or a cool trend? Maybe missing sounds that you NEED to hear to get ya rock ‘n’ roll fix. I’m kinda in the ‘ah, gimme a full band camp’ (unless you’re referrin’ to those wild and crazy rock gods, The Carpenters; Bonzo was waaay outta his depth when he challenged that hooman Skeleton to a drum duel…) but then you get The Far-Outs! They’re also a side gig for Phil Usher from Grand Atlantic, cos, you now idle hand and all that jazz…

The Far Outs 'The Far Outs' Artwork
The Far Outs ‘The Far Outs’ Artwork

Hailing from Brisbane, deep down in the land of Land Of Oz, these ‘gatos take a pretty ripping line in garage punk rock ‘n’ roll and the only thing square about these motherfuckers is the wave of their fuzz box. Songs about love, lost love, lust and betrayal – it’s all here and ripe for the picking!

Phil Usher’s wailing vocals and chiming guitars along with punchy drums from Jonny Pickvance lay the scene for Last Night and Bad News For You. Straightforward and with hooks aplenty, I knew I was in for a good time when I first heard these two. Keep Away has the (almost obligatory) key change slung into the guts and a cool change-up to the feel halfway through. A twangin’ two-note solo delivers the goods too.

The sounds here are sweet and cool, the songs are good, catchy as herpes at an orgy, and played with a raw passion…

Thank fucken christ this wasn’t a carved-up cover of the Icehouse ‘classic’! Hey Little Girl hits the more introspective edge of the ‘60s stylings. Get Off My Shroud is a great Morricone-styled tune, and I could almost see the man with no name staring down young Eli or Angel Eyes while grooving to this. My second fave toon from this album!

I like the hell outta Miss Me and Freight Train while El Diablo Del Mar is a funky instrumental, with hand claps and a plethora of snake-like riffs crawling around each other like a boxful of puppies before the rockin’ Some Kind Of Treason and Bad Thing close out the album.

Ain’t a fuckin’ millimetre of ground that hasn’t already been danced upon with this genre, but so what. The sounds here are sweet and cool, the songs are good, catchy as herpes at an orgy, and played with a raw passion that belies the powerful lust they have for ratty-arsed tones, melodies and riffs. They can talk the talk (literally as well as metaphorically!) and can strut the strut too. Fans of the legendary Del-vettes should sit up and take note!

Label: Rebel Waves Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: El Jefe