Take Over & Destroy ‘Rotten Tide’ Digital EP 2012

Take Over & Destroy 'Rotten Tide' Digital EP 2012In 2009 I reviewed an album by a band called Queen Beast. This was a savage, unhinged ride into oblivion that peeled back the psyche of the American Dream.

Fast forward to the present and sadly it seems that they are no more, however member Nate Garrett has resurfaced in Tempe Arizona in Take Over And Destroy. TOAD are a six piece aural assault unit combining the visceral snarl of punk and grind with the more muscular resonance of modern day metal alumni such as At The Gates and Ghost, the result is like a glass encrusted brick to the face.

Having teamed up with Flying Blanket Recording owner Bob Hoag to commit this live to analogue tape with vintage 60s/70s gear, this digital release sounds warm and raw all at the same time. The band conjure a more rock ‘n’ roll feel to their brutal sound as they chop between metal swagger and full on punk helter skelter that flavours the riffing with a deranged distorted organ courtesy of Pete Porter.

‘Midnight Hunger’ is schizophrenic number propelled by lead work that could almost sit at home on the original Charlie & Chocolate Factory movie whilst vocalist Andrew Leemont rages bug eyed over the top like a deranged conductor urging the musicians forward.

‘Pale Nimbus’ again sees more high end lead work playing off the rhythm section that teeters on the brink of madness, whilst ‘Embody The Ghost’ threatens to slow things down for a minute before heading back off a huge hardcore esque gang chorus backed with an enormous chug.

‘Morning Disgust’ sees the organ come to the fore before the black metal rock n roll takes over and from here it is just a furious charge into album closer ‘Necrophatic Vatican’ which is the very definition of seedy musical chaos.

At times ‘Rotten Tide’ comes across like the bastard son of Entombed with it’s spit in your eye attitude and brash swagger. It is rough and raw, whilst managing to sound decently produced (Note to Metallica…) – it grooves, it has dark psychedelia, it’s catchy, it’s unhinged; there is a mash up of punk, black metal, crazy treble picking, utterly abrasive and yet catchy.

Over all this is a fresh sounding release from a band not afraid to just let go and do what the hell they want in search of creating something that kicks ass yet manages not to sacrifice groove and musicianship for pure brutality.

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Label: Self Released
Website: http://takeoveranddestroy.bandcamp.com

Scribed by: Mark Hunt-Bryden