Review: Sonny Vincent ‘Snake Pit Therapy’

Highly prolific 70s Testors frontman Sonny Vincent releases yet another high octane assault of raw power for our pleasure. Following the highly acclaimed The Limit Caveman Logic released earlier this year in conjunction with high profile rockers ex The Stooges Jimmy Recca and Bobby Liebling from Pentagram (which I also reviewed), Sonny is back on his own terms, this time with Snake Pit Therapy released again on Finland’s Svart Records.

Sonny Vincent ‘Snake Pit Therapy’

Sonny spent his formative years between 1975-1979 with the Testors in New York performing at legendary venues such as Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s. Very much a cult figure, however renowned in his homeland of the USA but also infamous in Europe in general with an extremely loyal following to this day. It’s business as usual with new album Snake Pit Therapy unleashing primal and raw aggression led with a soul in his voice and that familiar swagger to everything he’s done still firmly in its proper place.

Drawing from real life experiences all fifteen tracks here are presented with an honesty, care and attention Sonny is well known for. A recent autobiography informs us of many aspects of his life to date, for example his time spent in a home for juvenile delinquency, plus his committal to a psychiatric unit for observation. It’s been a rough and interesting ride for Sonny, also including his forced conscription into the army during the Vietnam war of the late sixties. A real sincerity rings through on everything he puts his voice and guitar to, topped with a serious integrity and love for the punk rock cause.

there’s a spontaneity maintained at full throttle on each track with a driving rhythm and infectious choruses pouring out melodic rock and roll…

Without unnecessarily dissecting each and every track on this album all you need to know is Snake Pit Therapy unleashes a hard-edged US punk rock energy reminiscent of those late 70s heady days with a vocal Richard Hell would be proud to own. Reminiscent of Australia’s legendary Radio Birdman and hopefully destined to catch the ears of US radio DJ’s, there’s a spontaneity maintained at full throttle on each track with a driving rhythm and infectious choruses pouring out melodic rock and roll. All successfully embedded in your brain from start to finish. Sonny vents his frustration with an attitude and feelings we can all relate to and understand I am convinced.

That old rock and roll spirit is still at the fore in Sonny’s music and his faith is not open to question. Convinced as I am, he has successfully released another powerful album worthy of the attention of old and new fans. High octane music delivered with a sense of abandon, but also an attention to detail in the song writing, dripping with self-confidence and a belief that what he has created is really worth your time and your money. I believe him.

Label: Svart Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Tim Keppie