Sabbath Assembly ‘Quaternity’ CD/LP/DD 2014

Sabbath Assembly 'Quaternity'When it comes to religious experiences through music, many bands take on that challenge – yet fail miserably. Sabbath Assembly hailing out of Texas, U.S. take on the scripture of ‘The Church Of The Final Judgment’ and transcend the verses and texts through chilling majestic music. The Church originates from the United Kingdom and their ideology takes a neutral stance between Satanism and Christianity or to sum up, “Praise God with the love of Satan.

The opener on the beastly ‘Quaternity’ opens up with Jessika Kenney’s (Sunn O))), Wolves in the Throne Room) warm voice chanting lyrics taken from The Church’s scripture. Mesmerising and haunting giving a bone-chilling effect. Dissonant chords are played heavily alongside Kenney’s and lead into the follow up song ‘The Burning Cross Of Christ’.

Conversations between Jamie Myers and Dave Nuss, make the plot expand into new and interesting horizons and dimensions. Throughout the song a harp and tender violin melodies are present, devastating yet calming. This particular song gives a very avant-garde vibe similar to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum’s eerie album ‘In Glorious Times.’

Songs like ‘The Burning Cross Of Christ’ a campfire hymn experience is presented perhaps with the warm guitars and Myer’s warm vocals escorted by a high-pitched guitar solo that’s just fitting. The Assembly include note and chord sheets with their songs for the fans and Church followers to undertake themselves, it’s felt throughout the whole album that you just want to sing with your own people.

Fittingly ‘I, Satan’ starts off with down-tuned riffs presenting Satan through riffs. Tribalistic drums are prevalent throughout the whole song. The beast of the album ‘The Four Horsemen’ marks a conversation between the Assembly members shape shifting into a hymn filled with harps and guitars presenting a storyline involving Satan and oneself nearly marking the 20 minute mark but feels like 3 minutes when experiencing the song.

Many music critics claim Sabbath Assembly isn’t heavy music due to the arrangement of music or the lack of shrieked vocals., or perhaps the non-present wall-of-amps. Personally, I disagree. After my first listen to the Assembly two years ago I told myself that it is ‘unamplified heaviness’. I believe that Sabbath Assembly tear down the walls of amps and distorted vocals in order to give the scripture a full stage experience and it is praised by myself.

Sabbath Assembly‘s music and live performance is like a church sermon for ex-metalhead’s, with each record and live performance the congregation grows with the quality abundance of music. Sabbath Assembly is a sinful angelic experience, which any fan of heavy music can learn to appreciate. ‘Quaternity’ is certainty a mind-bending experience but not as ethereal as the predecessor LP ‘Ye Are Gods’, maybe it was Genesis P-Orridge‘s (Psychic TV, PTV3) presence that amplified my experience, nonetheless, it is still is an amazing LP. If you’re looking for a metal loving church, search no further, the Assembly will take you with open hands.

Label: Svart Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Daniel Arom