Pyramido ‘Salt’ CD 2011

Pyramido 'Salt' CD 2011Pyramido have emerged from Sweden as one of most exciting bands to be playing music that merges hardcore with doom. The album has a quintessentially Swedish groove and swing to it. Power of hook and groove coursing through your veins with such magnificent mesmerising conviction is combined with a crisply produced heaviness, making for a very impressive release.

Of course there are always going to be a couple of complaints when it comes to reviewing promos. For a start there is an absence of a lyric sheet something which always makes it difficult to really flesh out the review. And to be honest the cover is just plain weird. It looks like some new age water colour and I’m not totally convinced it matches the music, but hey that could be the point. I mean bands like Martyrdod also had off kilter artwork but somehow it worked, just not sure this does. As a consequence I am not absolutely certain why the album was called Salt. These are all small details at the end of the day, but I like to think the small details can make the release overall more meaningful.

I would say all the songs on this album feature fever pitched guitar riffs that straddle metal, hardcore, and doom. They have been careful to not slip into the pitfall of converting hardcore riffs into happy sounding doom riffs. Screaming vocals pronounce the anguish of the music simply and effectively. I can only imagine this will be an exciting band to watch live, something that people will have an opportunity to do in the UK very soon.

This is a must buy for listeners who love their doom to have a hardcore edge. Energetic and uncompromising, this is one band to certainly keep and eye out for, because if this release is anything to go by Pyramido will become a band that all of us will grow to love.

Label: Totalrust Music

Scribed by: Pete Hamilton-Giles