Review: Obnoxious Youth ‘Mouths Sewn Shut’

Would you look at that record cover….I hadn’t even heard a note and I already knew what I was in for… complete and utter hateful filth, that cockroach crawling out of the cheek makes my teeth itch.  So does the package match what’s sewn inside with a blunt needle?  Well that’s what Obnoxious Youth intend to do with their brand new EP Mouths Sewn Shut which is their first release in three years since their last full length Disturbing The Graves and was released by Finland’s legendary Svart Records on the 15th of May.

Obnoxious Youth ‘Mouths Sewn Shut’

Obnoxious Youth hail from both Sweden and Finland and I won’t do them the disservice of pigeon holing them into one genre because there is a whole lot of sounds on display from these animals. Mouths Sewn Shut is eighteen minutes of napalm smothered desolation. It’s quick, it‘s savage and it’s nasty as shit.

The EP opens up with Cockroach which kicks off with laser like synths accompanied with some light southern guitar licks. It’s a nice introduction but I’m tense because I know at some point I’m going to be kicked in the throat by the lunacy that Obnoxious Youth are known for. As suspected it’s not long before the grind kicks in with erratic guitar work accompanied with coarse vocals and rabid blasts. It reminds me of Swedish compatriots Skitsystem and Portland’s Tragedy.  The first thing I am taken back by is the production. It sounds really retro, almost like it was recorded on an 8 track tape ala the first wave of Black Metal. It’s really unique. The production, however, sounds clean but it feels really light and thin. It creates this really harsh atmosphere and tension. Where we’re used to bands of this ilk kicking out really thick and deep sounding material, this is a nice change up.

The EP wastes no time in upping the tempo even further with title track Mouths Sewn Shut. It kicks off with a drum roll and guitar riffs that sounds like a swarm of wasps.  To make things even more caustic, vocalist Affe joins the fray, spewing out his vitriolic hatred. It’s really intense.  The guitar work is insane, as is the frantic yet pummelling drum work. The tone of the track keeps raising higher and higher until a killer solo rounds out a sudden end .

Thank Jesus Crust, I can finally breath again. Mouths Sewn Shut is a feral but impressive EP from Obnoxious Youth…

Track three Funeral starts with this repetitive and more atmospheric riff, before settling back in with more guitar acrobatics over the top of the amalgamated punk, grind, crust and speed metal hybrid on display. As stated earlier this album is all over the place.  An example can be found half way through Funeral when a strange yet somehow fitting melodic groove passage covered in synth pays us a visit. The guitar work is killer and an absolute throwback to the 80s speed metal, think Canada’s Exciter. I need to see these guys live, I bet it would be amazing. There is so much energy on display, I imagine Curby over at Obscene Extreme is already on the phone to book them.

I’m sweating, I’m worked up but do Obnoxious Youth step off the gas and give me a little rest? Fuck no! They they continue the assault with Succumb. The mid paced track allows drummer Frans to shine displaying some ace skin work. There is this weird wavy texture to the track that makes you feel like you’re being spun in a circle, it’s pretty disorientating but a nice addition to the sound. As Succumb progresses, the group up the grindcore level, taking the pace to break neck speed with Affe continuing his relentless aggressive vocals.

The Eye continues the madness before final track Dripping Organs (what a track name) rounds out the album with these short sharp riffs that just destroy everything in their path. There’s no slowing down to finish off the record. Dripping Organs is quicker and nastier than the previous tracks before finishing off with these sci-fi esque sounds that dissipate into the ether.

Thank Jesus Crust, I can finally breath again. Mouths Sewn Shut is a feral but impressive EP from Obnoxious Youth. I love the mish mash of sounds. There’s so much on display here; grind, black, death, crust, speed, hardcore and much more. The unique yet throwback production of the record is lightweight and makes everything sound extra crusty.  However, the clear highlight is the guitar work. It really is unique for this type of band to have so many clean and incredible riffs and licks on top of such ferocious aggression. Norway’s Kvelertak utilise similar tactics in their sound but are no where near as abrasive as Obnoxious Youth.

So to answer my question from earlier, shit yeah, does the carpet match the drapes. The EP is just as disgusting as the artwork, I can’t wait to hear the next full length that hopefully follows this EP.

Label: Svart Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Matt Alexander