Iron Hearse ‘Peddle The Metal’ CDEP 2005

Iron Hearse 'Peddle The Metal' CDEP 2005Up and coming UK Melodic Doomsters Iron Hearse are a band I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now, so I was chuffed to bits when Kev of Gallipoli Records sent me a copy of this, ‘Peddle The Metal’ their latest 4 track EP, which, to my surprise is actually their 4th release since their humble beginnings in 2002 and what a nifty little release it is too!

The disc kicks off with ‘Temples Of The Gods’, which is also featured on the ‘Heaviosity’ Comp CD and what strikes you almost instantaneously is the huge influence The Obsessed must have had on them with their heavy, riff driven guitars, solid bass and drums and that laid back vocal style, clean but with a gravely sound, not too unlike the mighty Wino himself! The second track ‘Winter Of Discontent’ starts out from a similar mould to the opening track with huge riffs and Grant’s commanding vocals that grooves along nicely for the first part before breaking down into an unexpected yet awesome 70’s Bluesy Rock vibe, full of tripped out and groovin’ guitar leads that gradually builds back up to a powerful and riff heavy finale.

‘Trident Of The Aqualord’ and the final track ‘Apollo 666′ continue on that now familiar Heavy & Groovin’ 70’s inspired Metal that this 3 piece have made their home, capturing the whole vibe and feel of a classic Doom band with their crushing riffs and powerful rhythm sections, while delivering a few surprising changes along the way which helps keep the listener engrossed with their timeless Doom offerings! ‘Peddle The Metal’ is now about a year old but still available for £3 via Gallipoli Records and will certainly appeal to fans of The Obsessed and other bands Wino has been involved with over the years and lets hope we see a full length release from this promising UK Doom outfit sometime soon!

Label: Gallipoli Records

Scribed by: Lee Edwards