Asva ‘Futurists Against the Ocean’ 2005 CD

Asva 'Futurists Against the Ocean' 2005 CDLead by former members of Sunno))) and Burning Witch, this lot where never going to be upbeat as the four monolithic dirges testify. Also featuring members from Chiefs 3, Black Horse and The Master Musicians of Bukkake (wellies advised when playing with these lads), Asva are a huge group, fitting then really for the huge and diverse Drone/Doom they create.

The first two numbers are more in the regular Drone/Doom vein with parts of the first track reminding me of early Skepticism as it lifts and falls. Primitive and sparse sounding but with a lot more going on then first meets the ear. The second track starts with a sorta Sunno))) feel before moving into a more experimental noise passage before eerily fading out. The last two numbers sees Jessica Kenney’s beautifully haunting vocals emerge which sets the album down a much different path. The third track is very quiet and sparse with the vocal creeping in towards the end to great effect. The fourth is more of a heavier, fuller track with the vocals playing a more prominent role and giving the sound a great majestic feel.

They’ve also done a split 12″ with Burning Witch and if this is anything to go by, that should be well worth a listen. A cool and diverse addition to the Drone/Doom scene and one I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on for further developments.

Label: Web Of Mimicry Records

Scribed by: Mark Burns