Review: Devil’s Witches ‘Guns, Drugs And Filthy Pictures’ EP

Three years doing much of anything is an accomplishment. In the world of music, playing hard charging rock ‘n’ roll for that amount of time is quite a feat. For those of us counting that’s exactly how long it’s been since their debut album, Velvet Magic, by Devil’s Witches. Forging a course from one-man-bandom to a fully fledged fan base and catalogue, the band now celebrates their landmark achievement with Guns, Drugs, And Filthy Pictures, available now on Majestic Mountain RecordsWhat has resulted in these two tracks is a perfect snippet of what makes Devil’s Witches a compelling listen. If this doesn’t get you excited to check out the full catalogue….well….there might be something wrong with you.

Devil's Witches ‘Guns, Drugs And Filthy Pictures’

At a running time of three minutes and forty seconds, Guns, Drugs, And Filthy Pictures does not mess around. In terms of musical structure and aggression, the track wastes no time in grabbing the listener’s attention. Whether it’s the fuzz layer upon fuzz-layed main riff, or the catchy and singable chorus there is something for everyone here.

There’s a juxtaposition that, intentional or not, really works. The retro, 70s vibe of the track certainly has it’s devious undertones, but is packaged in a way that drags you in. Even the accompanying video demands attention and keeps you glued to each frame amongst all the violence and madness. It’s the tale of revenge that you want to dance to and odds are you will be for the entire song.

put on your dancing boots, and get ready to ride into Devil’s Witches wild world of stoner doom vengeance…

On the other side of the coin is Cross My Path I’ll Cross Your Face, bringing with it a different type of energy. Very country in nature, the track profiles as something you might hear as the theme track for the next season of True Detective.

As striking as the slide guitar work throughout the track is the ease of which the melody glides between the chords. This song may be more subtle but the intense course of the message stays the same and the prevalent theme of revenge nicely ties both tracks to one another. If the title track is similar to full tilt boogie on a motorcycle, Cross My Pathis more akin to a trip down a dusty main street at high noon.

What is next for Devil’s Witches? I honestly don’t know but would like to. If the artistry and musicianship of this release is any indication, the follow up should be amazing. In the meantime, grab a copy, put on your dancing boots, and get ready to ride into Devil’s Witches wild world of stoner doom vengeance.

Label: Majestic Mountain Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Scott Anderson