Dr CRAZY ‘Demon Lady’ DD 2014

Dr Crazy 'Demon Lady'When Andreas “Mazz” Mazzereth (legendary musician previously and semi-currently at the helm of Trebuchet, Battlewitch, Groan, Ratz Ass, The Wizards of Delight and miscellaneous others) took to thee Facebooks to proudly proclaim that he was kicking off a new band named Dr CRAZY with songtitles such as Powerzone and Burger And Fries already prepped, I have to be honest in saying that I didn’t bat an eyelid.

With such proclamations being a nearly daily occurrence from Mazz, I wasn’t getting my hopes up. But wait, this time he was actually (kinda) serious and wham bam, thank you ma’am here we have it, the Demon Lady EP. Roping in seasoned industry professionals Chris West (legendary musician previously ripping licks and bashing skins with Trippy Wicked and Groan) and Tony ‘T-to-tha-Dall-Ass’ Reed (legendary musician and mastermind behind Stone Axe and Mos Generator‎ amongst dozens of other projects) it’s Mazz who once again steers the ship towards the sharpest of heavy rocks on this rifforamic tour-de-force.

With Brucie Bonus points safely secured with an eponymously-titled opening track to an eponymously-titled debut record, ‎West cracks the trio off with a barrage of Status Quo riffdom atop Reed’s solid 4-4 kit precision. With lyrics as spellbinding as “Wake up late and you’re feeling hazy, Just call me… Dr CRAZY!” it’s no wonder that these kings of musical mastery are already starting to earn a reputation as the new Spinal Tap.

Having listened to the punchy‎, kung-fu boogie of Burger And Fries at least four and a half times now, I can safely say I still have no idea what Mazz is banging on about. This rollicking rocker could be about anything from paranoia in the media, to the toils of everyday UK life and sticking it to your boss. Hell, it could even be about an actual burger and fries. Do I give a ratz ass? Sweet radical Christ no! This song is both cooler than and yet also sounds like Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott snorting cocaine off the naked bodies of all four members of The Donnas, in Vegas.

If you like AC/DC, you’ll love Powerzone. Reed toe-taps his hi-hat like a man itching for 5pm on a Friday to tick around so he can hit the pub, whilst West riffs and swaggers around like Keith Richards already sitting in said pub as Mazz correctly asserts that “Minds will be blown…in the Power Zone!” Then he finally goes into the pub too.

There just had to be a song about an evil, seductive woman, didn’t there? Yes, yes they did and Demon Lady does not disappoint. With West stepping the riffology up into a Kadavar-meets-Diamond Head chug, Reed even manages to crack off a cheeky, fret-guzzling guitar solo and brilliantly fills in more gaps than a building contractor behind the snare. With Mazz’s thought-provoking lyrics lurking around every corner (“Demon Lady! Hear no lies! The devil’s waiting! Between her thighs!”) this is a sure fire 5/10 rock hit in the making.

With Reed based in Seattle, heaven only knows if we’ll ever get the chance to experience this Phd-qualified musical juggernaught in the live arena, although minds will surely be blown if this does eventually become a reality. With additional backing vocals and handclaps being provided by Groan’s daffodil of doom Leigh Jones and some genuinely awesome artwork courtesy of Justin T Coons (there’s boobs, cigarettes, skulls and a man screaming – it really is wicked!) plus a cost to you, the consumer, of £0.00 (or name your price as Bandcamp insists) there’s really no excuse not to go grab a prescription dosage of this tight-and-loose hard rock genius. If that doesn’t have you sold, then you must be either crazy or in serious need of a doctor. Either way, this surgery is now in session.

Label: Superhot Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Pete Green