Review: Brujas Del Sol ‘Deculter’

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite bands over the years. I know, I know you’re thinking ‘Yay! Josh is going to talk about King Buffalo again!’ Of course I am. The guitar tones and outstanding use of delay is hard to match. Take those elements and pair them with the progressive nature of the beloved Elder and add a pinch of intricate compositions and use of dynamics by the one and only Russian Circles and you’ve found yourself knocking on Brujas Del Sol’s door!

Brujas Del Sol 'Deculter'

Now, Brujas Del Sol is not just a combination of those three bands but instead a beast of their own. The trio of skilled musicians have crafted a sound of their own. Their forthcoming album Deculter due to release July 22nd through Kozmik Artifactz has taken that a step further.

This can be immediately heard in the spacey intro, aptly titled Intro. The minute-long sci-fi piece prepares the listener for an out of world experience. An explosive beginning to Divided Divinity quickly fills the airspace. The instrumental is moving and progressive, giving me an Elder vibe. Each listen is a treat as new subtleties are picked up. There is a lot going on but it all blends perfectly.

Divided Divinity comes to a faded halt and the silence before Lenticular begins is chilling. The calmer start is pleasant but is quickly interrupted by another explosive entrance by the band. Much like its predecessor, Lenticular blends many elements, this time giving it more of an 80s vibe. The introduction of synth gives me an immediate Stranger Things vibe (probably because it’s fresh in my head finishing up season 4) as the band re-enters the song, it sounds so full and rich.

It weaves through so many parts seamlessly, it’s truly impressive…

To Die On Planet Earth wraps up side A of the vinyl and is the first to feature vocals. The intro palm muted delay riff immediately reminds me of King Buffalo and the droning static behind is very cool. The pulsing drums enter, and layers are slowly built increasing the tension which breaks with a shrilling guitar that pushes the song into full force. Adrian Lee Zambrano’s intricate guitar work is powered by the impressive rhythmic duo of Derrick White and Joshua Oswald. It can be heard throughout the album so far, but I feel these three really show how well they sync on this song. It weaves through so many parts seamlessly, it’s truly impressive.

After (an imaginary, for now) flip of the record, Myrrors come spilling from the speakers. A droning chord lays the foundation, and this time organ plays over the top in a haunting fashion. What can’t these guys do? The organ fades faultlessly into the overdriven guitar riff and the song begins to take shape. With each song, it appears the musicians are pushing their skills to new heights. Zambrano’s lead guitar sounds incredible with Oswald’s thundering drums and crashing cymbals paving a road for the song. I particularly love the powerful drums as the chords ring out at the 4:45 mark. Just shortly after, at around 6 minutes, White belts out an epic bass line that I wish wouldn’t end. The tension builds behind the bass setting up for a grand conclusion.

Myrrors sets up Arcadia to close out a fantastic album. The intro drumbeat has a unique effect and reminds me immediately of Tungsint’s Aranea: Interlude. The beat continues with Zambrano laying a soothing delayed lead over the top. The beat remains constant as the volume and complexity of the song builds, transitioning into more of a Pink Floyd vibe. A brief return to the stillness of the beginning occurs before the massive finale. Oswald crushes the drum kit, White‘s booming bass powers through the mix with fantastic groove and Zambrano’s tone is impeccably belting out a heartfelt solo. Is there any other way to end an album this amazing?

After listening to II by Brujas Del Sol, I became an instant fan. I was anticipating the follow up, Deculter, from the moment I heard about its release and the trio have delivered. Building on the elements I love from II and adding in more of what I didn’t know I needed to hear! July 22nd can’t come soon enough. I know, I theoretically flipped the vinyl when listening to review the album, but to hold it and actually flip it, listening through my speakers at home is something I’m very much looking forward to!

Label: Kozmik Artifactz
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Josh Schneider