Black Cobra ‘Chronomega’ CD/LP 2009

Black Cobra 'Chronomega' CD 2009Two guys…guitar/vocals and drums. How much noise would you think it would be possible to make? Certainly not this much!!!

Black Cobra comprises Jason Landrian, formerly of Cavity on guitar and vocals and Acid King bassist Rafael Martinez on drums. You would be forgiven for thinking that this would be a crawling cess pool of psychedelic doom…think again kiddies. This latest album is a brutal twisted collision of doom, sludge and thrash. Imagine if High On Fire had all their weed confiscated and were forced to drink Red Bull and meths and watch snuff movies!!!

From the second this album kicks off there is no let up, no respite and absolutely fuck all remorse until the very last note decays. This is a hectic, chaotic headlong charge…the sound of a frantic, illicit fuck with the fear of getting caught by the wife!!! Do they miss having a bass in there? No. Where the hell would it fit? Each song is a non-stop barrage of wall-to-wall crushing riff power, clattering drums and throat scathing vocals. There are no softer moments, no acoustic interludes and, to be honest, not much even in the way of slow bits. This is the aural equivalent of strapping an epileptic to a bed then cutting them loose in mid seizure.

What it may lack in variety it more than makes up for in pure “fuck shit up attitude”. Intense, raw, vitriolic and awesome…this is an album to trash a room to. Sometimes you just need something to help you let off steam so go buy a copy of this, grab yourself a shit load of cheap liquor, check into a motel and fucking go for it…”here are your keys sir, enjoy your stay and please pay for any damages when you check out!!!”

Label: Southern Lord

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall