A Tree Of Signs ‘Saturn’ Digital EP 2013

A Tree Of Signs 'Saturn'A Tree Of Signs were on the brink of extinction when vocalist and keyboardist V-Kaos decided to leave the project to pursue other interests, but after some searching they found a replacement in Diana Silveira and what a replacement. Her voice brings the listener to another level of heavy music and ‘Saturn‘ is a good introduction to this new A Tree Of Signs format.

The mix of psychedelic rock and doom with the female vocals brings A Tree Of Signs closer to rock than before. It’s the way Diana Silveira sings that makes the music on ‘Saturn’ more to the rockier sound scale but also the energy mixed with the very heavy sound that makes them very original. The doom is still there and I can’t wait to hear what they can produce in the future, a full length would be great to further explore A Tree Of Signs and what they can come up with.

It’s hard to find a favorite song when there are only three to choose from, even though I like them all equally but in different ways. The vocals on ‘Red II’ adds something extra with its power and harmony which makes it a killer track. Also the beginning of ‘Saturn’, the first song of the EP, is spectacular in its heaviness and original thinking. All three songs on ‘Saturn’ have a little special oomph that makes it unique and the song I left out ‘Red III’, with the more doom inspired sound, kicks your ass for sure and won’t leave any doom listener disappointed. All in all, the three songs on the EP shows A Tree of Signs are here to stay and this they prove with just three songs, I’m impressed and awed

In a world where all types of ‘doom’ have merged into other kinds of ‘metal’, be it rock, post-metal, shoegaze or any genre I’m very lucky to experience, A Tree Of Signs is at the forefront of this whole movement. With a female singer and hailing out of Portugal, the future looks bright not only for this band but for many others exploring and trying new things. So get yourself some psychedelic doom rock with astonishing female vocals pronto.

Label: Self Released
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Johannes van der Meer