ORTEGA / OF SPIRE & THRONE Split Cassette Release ‘Serpents And Thrones’ & UK Tour Draws Closer

Ortega / Of Spire & Throne 'Serpents And Thrones' Split Artwork

Dutch ocean doomers ORTEGA bring their swirling, crushing, thalassic heaviness back to the shores of the UK. Expect salt-laden waves of Dutch DOOM.

Joining them on the waves will be Edinburgh’s OF SPIRE & THRONE, dishing out their brutal, miserable doom extremity.

Ortega / Of Spire & Throne 'Serpents And Thrones' Split Cassette

Tartarus Records will release a limited split cassette of both to coincide with their short UK tour, entitled ‘Serpents And Thrones’ it’s limited to 50 black/white tapes & features the last two EP’s of both bands, the tracklisting is as follows:

Side Serpents (ORTEGA) :
1. When Fire Meets Fire
2. The Entity
3. Ritual
4. The Serpent Stirs

Side Thrones (OF SPIRE & THRONE) :
5. Lost Ritual
6. Steeped in Ruin
7. Vagary

And below are the tour dates where ‘Serpents And Thrones’ can only be purchased:

28/11/2013 – Edinburgh, Opium
29/11/2013 – Glasgow, The Old Hairdressers
30/11/2013 – Newcastle, The Head Of Steam
01/12/2013 – Leeds, Santiago Bar

For those who are not going to make it to any of the gigs, fear not as Dry Cough Records and Cosmic Tomb have managed to get a small amount of tapes to give away so check out their pages to see what you have to do in order to get a free tape!