Video Premiere: X’ed Out ‘Bathe In It’ – Debut ‘We All Do Wrong’ To Be Released Via Human Worth

As regular readers of these hallowed pages will know, we’ve become big fans of the label Human Worth with their dedication to donating a percentage of their profits to worthy causes. And with their next release, the scathing noise-rock of X’ed Out and their debut album We All Do Wrong, they’ll be continuing this honour and donating a portion of the sales profits to the notable Breast Cancer UK.

X’ed Out

And prior to its release, and as the label prepare to start pre-sales on 6th August, today it’s our absolute honour to bring you the single Bathe In It as a captivating, Thomas Brewins directed, video, but rather than us wax lyric about it, its over to X’ed Out’s guitarist and vocalists Phil Mann to fill us in on the gory details…

‘The theme behind the song predominantly is death, rebirth and regrowth, but in the metaphorical sense. Being ravaged by life’s pitfalls, being scarred by it, but growing back stronger and using those scars as new armour. Soaking yourself in the fire of it all, discovering and excepting its tides and patterns and using them as a positive tool for future challenges.

Svetlana Malinina - Behind the scenes of X'ed Out 'Bathe In It' video
Svetlana Malinina – Behind the scenes of X’ed Out ‘Bathe In It’ video

He continues, ‘The accompanying video, which stars the multidisciplined dancer Svetlana Malinina, we wanted to try to express this in a more abstract way. The video starts with Svetlana growing roots like the earth is pulling her down, trying to engulf her, until the struggle splits her in two halves. The projections behind her are of destruction in various forms in the first half of the video, and the juxtaposition of her dancing so beautifully disembodied amongst it all, represents the sentiment of embracing the chaos of life and floating through it, continuing to fight.’

X'ed Out & Svetlana Malinina
X’ed Out, Svetlana Malinina & crew during the making of the ‘Bathe In It’ video

And concludes, ‘By the time the second and last section arrives, her two halves re-join, and the dance intensifies, but the projections change to images of regrowth and birth as Svetlana rejoices in a triumphant final dance, embracing what she has been through. Our idea would of never materialised if it wasn’t for the talent, commitment, skill and passion of dancer Svetlana Malinina and editor/director Thomas Brewins.’

Now all there is left to do is click play below and behold the thought provoking video below…

More On X’ed Out & ‘We All Do Wrong’

Human Worth are proud to present noise outfit X’ed Out‘s new single Bathe In It from their formidable debut album We All Do Wrong available to pre-order 6th August from with a portion of proceeds going to charity Breast Cancer UK.

Featuring members of such hailed bands as Silent Front & Working Men’s Club this record is a real meeting of minds, smashing together ferocious noise-rock with layers of melodic brass, cut through by frontman Phil Mann‘s spiteful vocals. The peerless performances are perfectly captured by the ever excellent Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio (Big Lad/Petbrick) and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate/OLD) adding their magic touch, depth and width, to create a truly spectacular debut album.

X'ed Out 'We All Do Wrong'

Human Worth have pressed up a limited edition of 250 gorgeous gold with black splattered vinyl in a beautifully designed package, featuring stunning photography by Al Bailey and a hand-numbered 12″ insert featuring illustrations by Phil Mann printed on a weighty gold board, all housed in a heavyweight poly sleeve.

Available to pre-order from 6th August with 10% of proceeds going to charity Breast Cancer UK who are on a mission to prevent breast cancer through education, scientific research, collaboration and policy change.

We All Do Wrong Tracklistings:
01. Inborn
02. The 5 Headed Boy
03. Bathe In It
04. Fouling the Nest
05. Self-Healer
06. Bastards Lament
07. The Noble Rot

X’ed Out is:
Phil M – Vox, Guitar
Adam F – Trumpet, Keys, Backing Vox
Joe W – Bass
Jimmy H – Drums

X’ed Out and their debut album We All Do Wrong will be released through Human Worth on a limited edit gold/black vinyl, pre-sales start 6th August and will be available over on the labels Bandcamp.

Label: Human Worth
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram