Premiere: Wallowing ‘Orbital Detritus’ – Taken From 4-Way Split With Vixen Maw, Slabdragger & Thin

The UK’s Sci-Fi obsessed doom, grind and sludge metal maniacs Wallowing who, after the release of their truly awesome long player Planet Loss, are setting the controls to warp speed as they preparing to unleash two new abrasive tracks as part of a 4-Way Split with fellow UK sludgers Slabdragger and US brethren’s Vixen Maw and Thin.


This seventeen-track platter will be ushered out to the masses via Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records, initially as a cassette and digital formats, then swiftly followed by a vinyl issue. Pre-sales kick off on 26th August, but prior to that, we at The Shaman are stoked to bring you the first cut from Wallowing in the form of the blistering Orbital Detri. The band comments on the recording of their two new tracks…

‘It was a lot of fun thinking outside of the box for this release, experimenting not only musically but also with the recording process. We aren’t particularly tech savvy when it comes to recording so this was a huge learning curve for us all and a great opportunity to truly embrace that DIY spirit. Due to Covid, we have never played these tracks together as a band, so we are thoroughly stoked to be a part of this split and proud of what we have achieved with these despite the current limitations.’

Now click play below and wallow in the mire that is Orbital Detrius

More On Wallowing / Vixen Maw / Slabdragger / Thin & 4-Way Split

Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records are proud to announce the release of a new four-way split between Wallowing, Vixen Maw, Slabdragger, and Thin, to be released on September 30th on cassette and digital formats, with vinyl pre-orders opening soon and arriving on a later date. The split sees four distinct bands from the UK and US coming together to offer a full-length’s worth of aural onslaught and relentless musical prowess, genre-wise varying from doom and sludge to mathcore and grindcore. All of the bands have their own visions they’re pursuing by their own means, yet share an eerily similar mindset when it comes to approaching claustrophobia-inducing, aggressive music.

Wallowing / Vixen Maw / Slabdragger / Thin - 4-Way Split - UK
Wallowing / Vixen Maw / Slabdragger / Thin – 4-Way Split – UK Edition

Whether you’re familiar with one of the bands, all of them, or even none of them, you’re guaranteed to find each of them unique and enjoyable on their own rights. While putting a split of this calibre together is as monumental task as it is a momentous one, the end result is of equal dimensions in terms of sonic weight and importance. All of the above is shrouded in amazing artwork by Ibay Arifin, coming in two different colour schemes to mirror two of the bands being from the UK, and two from the US.

Wallowing / Vixen Maw / Slabdragger / Thin - 4-Way Split - US Edition
Wallowing / Vixen Maw / Slabdragger / Thin – 4-Way Split – US Edition



Born from misery and disgust, southern UK’s Sci-fi infused, grindcore inspired sludge band Wallowing vented their frustrations with the world via their critically acclaimed record debut Planet Loss in late 2019. The band have since gone from strength to strength, being dubbed one of the UKs ‘must see touring bands’ for their immersive, smog ridden and laser drenched live show, releasing a particularly heavy live track in support of the NHS as well as collaborating outside of the music realm to release a comic book and a run of hand sculpted retro-style action figures based on their concept album.

The band have produced two new tracks despite being spread over the lower half of England and unable to meet up in person (due to the Covid-19 pandemic). Writing and recording their own parts in self-isolation has yielded an undeniably DIY, raw and feral sound from the band that acts as the perfect pit-stop for fans looking forward to diving into a second full length.

Vixen Maw

Vixen Maw - Logo

Vixen Maw is an NYC-based experimental grindcore outfit that is the musical equivalent of being lobotomized by an arrhythmic alien hand. From splatterings of digital debauchery to eclipsing sensory delusion, their sonic hysteria is violent and visceral. They walk behind shadows. They are without end. They are Vixen Maw. You are fucked.



14 years, 2 albums, 2 splits, a global pandemic and now with hundreds of miles between them, Slabdragger return more abrasive and urgent than ever before. With Jack Newnham on drums, Yusuf Tary on bass and vocals and Sam Thredder on guitar and vocals, Slabdragger have entered Thredder’s Cro’s Nest Studio once again and laid down 3 short and blisteringly heavy bangers. On this latest release, the band says, ‘We have drawn more influence from hardcore, power violence and d-beat to create a short blast of video game themed sludge violence. It is Slabdragger, condensed. Expect no let up.’



Thin is a mathgrind trio from New York City, formed in early 2019. After self-releasing their debut EP, respite_apology (April 2019), they pressed their first LP, dawn (April 2020), on Twelve Gauge Records and Lower Class Kids Records. Thin have been compared to bands like Ed Gein, Maruta, and (early) Daughters.

The release of theis 4-way split represents Thin‘s efforts to make music during quarantine, without the ability to write and play in person. The songs for this release deal with themes of sleep and consciousness, and dreams and hallucinations. The band continues to experiment with acoustic instruments and noise, in addition to off-kilter, pummeling blasts and grooves.

4-Way Split Tracklistings:

01. Orbital Detritus
02. Forbidden Alien Tech

Vixen Maw
01. Matilda
02. Cur
03. Septic Bloom
04. Run

01. Shrapnel City
02. Jennifer
03. Phobos

01. Deep Rest
02. Hypnopompia
03. Hard To Look At
04. I Don’t Know Where I Am. I Don’t Know Where I Am Going
05. Never Wake
06. Not Quite Right
07. Paradox
08. Brutalist

Wallowing, Vixen Maw, Slabdragger & Thin 4-Way Split is set to be released on cassette and digital formats with pre-sales going live on 26th August over at Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records, with a vinyl release to follow soon after.

Label: Sludgelord Records | Black Voodoo Records

Wallowing: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram
Vixen Maw: Bandcamp | Instagram
Slabdragger: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram
Thin: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram