Premiere: Grub Nap ‘God Pile’ – Debut EP Drops Tomorrow, 17th March, via Human Worth

As long-time readers of these hallowed pages know, we at The Shaman have a hell of a lot of time and respect for Human Worth. Not only for the awesome music they put out but also for donating a percentage of the profits to a nominated charity, and now the label’s next venture sees them team up with Leeds noiseniks Grub Nap to release their debut EP God Pile.

Grub Nap - Photo by Dave Jerome
Grub Nap – Photo by Dave Jerome

Featuring six tracks of caustic hardcore and filth riddled sludge from a duo of guitar and drums, it officially releases tomorrow, 17th March, on a strictly limited ‘smokey tint’ cassette that initially sold so well during pre-sales, it’s already on to its second run. Staying true to the labels ethical outlook, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Leeds Mind, and about the EP, the band says…

‘We’re proper chuffed to be putting this out! We first played in a hardcore band together when we were in our teens, so it’s been sick teaming back up again! The whole release has been a right mates fest and all, recorded/mastered by our pal Tom Goodall and Ross Halden from Hohm (used to play in Cattle with Tom, and Ross recorded the first couple of Khuda albums when I played in that band back in the day). Art’s a collab between our lass (Tasha Wild) and our ol pal Emma Stone. It’s even been put out by our Owen from Human Worth/Modern Technology who’s another bloody lovely person. Feels ace to be playing summat horrid and slow again and all!’

Now click below as The Shaman is ‘proper chuffed’ to be able to bring you this ‘mates fest’ of nasty hardcore sludge that is God Pile in its uninterrupted entirety…

More On Grub Nap & ‘God Pile’

Human Worth are proud to present the killer debut EP God Pile from Leeds duo Grub Nap, featuring members of Dvne, Cattle and Thank, with 10% of proceeds from the limited cassette being donated to Leeds Mind, a charity that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing along with providing help and support to those who need it most.

Grub Nap are a 50/50, double headed, four legged, semi haggered, party at the front, business at the back mash up of Dan Barter (Dvne, Joe Pesci) and Steve Myles (Cattle, Groak, Thank, Khuda). They first played together in a hardcore band in their late teens and have teamed back up to churn out sludgecore for folks with short attention spans and no interest in wizards or flag waving. A reunited earful, a midlife distraction, a questionable whiff from the back of the fridge. Crawl on in, the water’s foul.

Grub Nap 'God Pile'
Grub Nap ‘God Pile’ Artwork

God Pile is a golden brown, fifteen-minute, crumbly, introspective riff lattice. Snappy(ish) songs about greed, crippling anxiety, suburban nuclear mishaps and flagellant rozzers. Six knuckle dragging clods of down tuned insolent rage. The band rustled up a sludge tape without any crusts, cut into neat triangles and served with a crescent of crisps.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022 at Hohm studio by Tom Goodall and Ross Halden. Art by Emma Stone, Natassia Wild and Steve Myles. Abject misery by all of you lot.

Grub Nap 'God Pile' Cassette
Grub Nap ‘God Pile’ Cassette

God Pile Tracklist:
01. Closerer
02. Sticky Back Uranium
03. The Daily Phet
04. Tin Banshee
05. Wire Mother
06. Crowd Pleaser

Grub Nap is:
Dan Barter – Guitar, Back Mouth
Steve Myles – Drums, Front Mouth

God Pile, the debut EP of nasty hardcore sludge from Leeds noiseniks Grub Nap, releases tomorrow, 17th March, through Human Worth. It’s available to buy now on a limited ‘smokey tint’ cassette and digital download over on the labels Bandcamp.

Label: Human Worth
Band Links: Facebook | Instagram