Review: Temptress ‘See’

When reviewing albums, it’s natural to compare bands to other similar bands. It makes it easy for the readers to relate the music to something they have heard and love. I have found many bands I still love today because they have been compared to someone I’ve listened to for years. We all know this though, so where am I going by starting the review like this? What if you come across a band that is unique, has many influences and varies their style throughout their album that it’s nearly impossible to pin down comparisons?

Temptress 'See'

No, I’m asking how the hell do I review that album?? Well… here goes nothing. Temptress of Dallas, Texas released their sophomore album See on March 3rd. I was blown away on the first listen and tried to take in everything I could in one sitting. My first impression was Temptress must have had my checklist of what I love about music and created this album with the intent to tick them all off. In forty-four minutes across six songs, Temptress manage to fuse post-rock, grunge, drone, doom, metal and countless other genres into one outstanding album.

Opener Death Comes Around puts ideas in your mind of how the song will sound. Echoing bass, as if played into the abyss, swirling reverb building tension and explosive riffs suit the song title nicely. I particularly love the tone of the exit solo that transitions into the crunchy opening of Into My Soul. As the riff plays out it becomes engraved in my mind and repeats throughout the day. Powerful clean vocals take center stage with hints of aggressive growls.

Andi Cuba (drums/vocals) kicks things off with an attention-grabbing drum beat followed by heavy riffs on the third track Waiting. Kelsey Wilson (guitar/vocals) and Christian Wright (bass/vocals) complement each other well as they create a heavy wall of sound, as well as the three vocalists taking turns and singing together making every moment new and refreshing. The riff filled song concludes strong and the album takes a slight turn with the following number Cry.

Temptress manage to fuse post-rock, grunge, drone, doom, metal and countless other genres into one outstanding album…

As you may have guessed, this song is filled with feeling. The vocal performance is top notch and backed by outstanding emotion fueled music. The chilling track is one everyone can relate to. ‘Did you have to move, so far away, from this Earth and me’. Words that resonate as deep as the dark distortion that rattles the bones.

A clean riff opens the next track Serpentine and the instantly recognizable music (probably because I listened to it a million times) excites my eight year old who is ready to sing along. Serpentine was released as the single and a better song couldn’t have been chosen because it encompasses all that See has to offer, as well as burrowing deep in your mind’s eye for easy recall. The moment I heard this track I knew I needed to hear the rest of this album and I was fortunate to write a review for it!

As with any great album a strong finish is essential. Hopeless’ catchy palm muted riff gets the blood pumping. Each vocal performance on this record is unique and equally incredible but saving Wright’s gut wrenching wails of ‘hopeless’ for the conclusion was genius. This will be tough album to knock off my top ten list at the end of the year.

The power trio used everything I love in heavy music and created a unique album. Temptress have captured my attention from start to finish with See and it’s an album I’ll want to revisit often. I only hope more than six songs were written so a follow up is not far away.

Label: Metal Assault Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Scribed by: Josh Schneider