Premiere: Spider Kitten ‘A Pound For The Peacebringer’ – New Album Drops 1st September

The eclectic Spider Kitten, who are long-standing fan favourites on these hallowed pages, recently signed to Salford’s very own APF Records and are making moves to release their eleventh, yes, you read right, eleventh long-player. Entitled A Pound For The Peacebringer, it features five genre-defying tracks and will be unleashed to the masses on the 1st September.

Spider Kitten
Spider Kitten

And today, it’s The Shaman absolute honour to bring you a taste of the insanity to come with the title track, A Pound For The Peacebringer, which negotiates a colossal landscape of doom, sludge, psych, and even a touch of Hammon organ 70s influenced heavy rock, across its mammoth near seventeen-minute runtime in that infectious way only Spider Kitten know how to deliver.

Now listen to the voices in your head and click play below…

More On Spider Kitten & ‘A Pound For The Peacebringer’

Spider Kitten, the critically acclaimed and boundary-pushing musical force, is proud to announce the release of their latest masterpiece, A Pound For The Peacebringer. Serving as their 11th full-length album, this highly anticipated record marks their debut on APF Records label.

Recorded sporadically over the span of the past seven years, A Pound For The Peacebringer delves into a loose conceptual exploration of the elusive pursuit of peace, encompassing various themes such as therapy, drugs, altruism, political movements, religion, and ultimately, the controversial notion of achieving peace through death. True to their signature style, Spider Kitten delivers a thought-provoking and introspective experience that will resonate deeply with listeners.

Chi Lameo & Chris West – Spider Kitten
Chi Lameo & Chris West – Spider Kitten

Renowned for their ability to transcend genres, Spider Kitten‘s latest opus seamlessly blends elements of doom, stoner, sludge, country, southern rock, pastoral folk, blues, prog, and psych. The result is a mesmerizing sonic journey that defies categorization, showcasing the band’s exceptional versatility and musical prowess.

A Pound For The Peacebringer showcases the undeniable talent of vocalist/guitarist Chi Lameo and drummer Chris West, who form the core of Spider Kitten‘s current lineup. Their performances on this album are some of their strongest to date, displaying an unrivalled synergy that brings the band’s vision to life. Joining them are the incredibly talented bassist Steve Jones (formerly of Lacetillia, currently of Made Of Teeth) and guitarist Gareth Day (formerly of Hogslayer, currently of Obey Cobra), who contribute their exceptional skills to the album’s sonic tapestry.

Spider Kitten 'A Pound For The Peacebringer' Artwork
Spider Kitten ‘A Pound For The Peacebringer’ Artwork

Spider Kitten‘s latest offering promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its uncompromising exploration of the human condition and its ability to transcend conventional musical boundaries. A Pound For The Peacebringer is set to become a landmark release in the band’s storied career, solidifying their position as one of the UK underground’s most innovative and influential acts.

A Pound For The Peacebringer Tracklist:
01. A Pound For The Peacebringer
02. Safe To Drown
03. Bellwether
04. God’s Song
05. Fluid Druid (Float On)

Spider Kitten is:
Chi Lameo – Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Chris West – Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Steve-o Jones – Bass, Guitar
Gareth Day – Guitar, Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Luke Oram – Guitar on Safe To Drown
Rob Davies – Guitar on A Pound For The Peacebringer, guitar and bass on God’s Song

A Pound For The Peacebringer, the new album from Spider Kitten, releases 1st September through APF Records. Pre-sales for various formats and bundles are available now over on the labels webstore.

Label: APF Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram