Introducing: Great North Star – Debut Album To Get Vinyl Release Via The Acid Test Recordings

Great North Star are quite possibly a new band to readers of The Shaman. This Manchester based duo offer sublime instrumental soundscapes drawn from a plethora of influences; post-rock, shoegaze, folk, kraut, ambient and everything in between. Self-proclaimed as ‘music from the moorlands’, it’s a tagline that suitably sums up their traversing signature sound.

Great North Star

Although their Self-Titled debut album was released independently with little fanfare in June last year on Bandcamp, it didn’t go unnoticed with the good folks over at The Acid Test Recordings who, just over a year after it first hit the airwaves, are elated to be issuing this eleven track offering as an extremely limited pressing of 100 translucent red vinyl on 23rd August.

Now sit back, press play below and be swept away by the audio meanderings from Great North Star

More On Great North Star

The Acid Test Recordings present the Self-Titled debut album from Great North Star.

Great North Star brings to mind the patience and quiescence required for astronomy and ornithology; music for bird watching! As bracing as the chill winds blasting across the desolated hills of the Derbyshire Moorlands, Great North Star draws down influences from a deep pool of post-rock, krautrock, electronica, progressive, folk and ambient vibes.

Great North Star 'Great North Star'

Imagine Richard Thompson during his Grizzly Man soundtrack era and Papa M’s Live From A Shark’s Cage meeting the stargazing qualities of primetime Harmonia and the muted electronica of Aphex Twin, you are in the same headspace as this two piece. Dean Thom’s rangy electric guitar stretches out wistfully over Phil Considine’s electronic flutter.

Great North Star’s Self-Titled debut is a sombre, introspective and expansive piece to soundtrack those quieter moments, whilst alone in wide open spaces; imaginal or otherwise.

Great North Star - Translucent Red Vinyl

Great North Star Tracklisting:
01. Gliese 581g
02. Dagger Dubber
03. Deus Ex Machina
04. Glories
05. Getting A Fix
06. Song Of The Ocean
07. The Stones That Speak
08. Being & Nothingness
09. 750
10. Dagger Dub
11. Birds On The Dee Estuary

Great North Star is:
Dean Thom – Guitars, Keys
Phil Considine – Drums, Percussion, Programming

Great North Star will be released on the 23rd August as a strictly limited to 100 copies on translucent red vinyl via The Acid Test Recordings, pre-orders are available over on the labels webstore, while the digital download can be grabbed from Bandcamp.

Label: The Acid Test Recordings
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp