Review: Wolfbrigade ‘Anti-Tank Dogs’ EP

Right for the throat! A raging fire in this puppy’s belly is very much alive. This new EP from Wolfbrigade, the Swedish legends of hardcore punk, is proof of the powerful shape the Lycanthropunks are in, with all three tracks ripping as strong as ever. This release consists of three brand new songs recorded at Wolfden Studio in March 2021, by Jocke Rydbjer.

Wolfbrigade 'Anti-Tank Dogs' EP

The first track is named like the EP, Anti-Tank Dogs, and delivers on its promise to bite right from the start and solidly through, settling into a plodding beat mid-song, before picking up ferocity again. The straightforward riffs of Wolfbrigade demonstrate that rocking never goes out of style, no matter what anyone says.

Brainruler is another full onslaught, angry and nasty. Wolfbrigade delivers a superb performance which turns a classic rough punk style into a clear expression of the band’s voice coming through. Tasteful leads highlight the simplicity and greatness of the riffs.

Necronomion sets a mood and then takes the path of a slower, yet still savage mid-tempo beat, straight from crusty metal punk tradition. It’s fun to listen to these guys stretch out their rock into groovy territories, where they can still always find their footing to have a raging speed sprint for the folks in the pit.

A raging fire in this puppy’s belly is very much alive…

‘On Anti-Tank Dogs, we stare down into the abyss of conformity.’ – state the band. ‘It’s our journey to the twilight world, the underground, a place that has no map or directions. Just follow no rules, abide by no laws, obliterate all obstacles, dismiss fear, and tell everyone to fuck off. Born to breed!’

The cover is an awesome coat of arms that’s ready for canine soldiers to take to battle, in classic black, white and red, and it’s a great illustration of the raging intention behind these songs, and the classic style and fury that are on display.

This EP definitely left me wanting more. Anti-Tank Dogs is coming out on a 7-inch vinyl, and is being released in Europe by Agipunk, and by Armageddon Label in North America.

Label: Armageddon Label | Agipunk
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Goro Riffs