Review: Tir ‘Awaiting The Dawn’

In the best way possible, I would describe Tir’s music on his latest offering the perfect soundtrack to a medieval film about a wandering warrior looking for his lost maiden. There are melancholy elements, but also an undercurrent of hope and perseverance, as our hypothetical character wanders vast forests in search of his lady love.

Tir 'Awaiting The Dawn'
Tir ‘Awaiting The Dawn’ Artwork

Drawing influence from classical English literature and building upon his own development as a neo-folk musician, Tir aka Oytun Bektaş, fifth full length album is full of atmosphere and delicate melody. There is very much an effective contrast in darkness and light which helps to paint a story in the listener’s mind.

C’est La Fin features a mournful pairing of guitars and string arrangements before the somber vocals of guest collaborator Thomas Helm forms a separate strand, finally being rounded out by gentle flute strands. The pace is quickened as if on horseback with Where Shadows Dance, a sense of urgency permeating the music. Helm’s voice effectively adds a second instrument in some ways than simply a vocalist.

a deeply heartfelt and immersive listening experience…

Despite its title, In The Essence Of Dying makes you feel like you’re walking through a green meadow, perhaps reflecting on the relationship of death and rebirth. But then the song veers into an undeniable minor tone, only to return to the sunlit field once again. A sad piano-driven march defines A Letter Hooked To The Clouds, while Threads Of Time has the feel of a great adventure about to be undertaken.

The Path Of The Dandelion Seed recalls some of Opeth’s early acoustic excursions, while the final track, Farewell Ballad is by far the most orchestral song on the album. I am definitely impressed with how well Tir maintains a perfect balance. Things don’t get too pretty, but they don’t become unbearably dreary either. Instead, a rich sonic tapestry of medieval romance is woven in such a simple yet effective manner.

Awaiting The Dawn certainly evokes the sense of medieval romanticism that this talented Turkish Australian bard was aiming for. It is a deeply heartfelt and immersive listening experience that is sure to please fans of modern folk variants. May Tir’s music accompany you on those lonely night sojourns through dark woods.

Label: Brilliant Emperor Records | Orko Productions
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram

Scribed by: Rob Walsh