Review: The Crooked Whispers ‘Funeral Blues’

The Crooked Whispers are a ‘satanic psych doom’ trio made up of folks from Argentina and the USA, currently composed of Anthony Gaglia on vocals, Federico Ramos on guitar, Ignacio De Tommaso on bass, and Nicolas Taranto on drums. Their upcoming album Funeral Blues was recorded over the course of 2021 and 2022 between different studios in Argentina and the USA. It was produced by Ignacio De Tommaso, mixed and mastered by Ignacio De Tommaso and Marcelo Suraniti, with artwork by Revelation Studio.

The Crooked Whispers 'Funeral Blues'
The Crooked Whispers ‘Funeral Blues’ Artwork

The cover art follows a style displayed on previous band releases, with skulls and crosses fully reflecting the album’s themes. The band starts this album off with a kick in the teeth in the form of some sweet guitar interplay and a powerful riff on the song Suicide Castle. The guitar work is generally more focused on providing classy and memorable flair than virtuosity, and in the mix the guitars are so in your face they could pick your teeth. The vocals graciously ride the gritty high end above the sea of fuzz. The drums are big and bassy with an interesting, somewhat muffled attack, and the bass is doing good work backing the devastating blitzkrieg of the guitars.

On the next track, Stay In Hell, the vocals come in with a delightfully mysterious vibe. The Crooked Whispers sure make hell seem quite cosy as the guitar harmonies are used sparingly for maximum effect. The shift to a more plodding groove with the title track, Funeral Blues, perks up the ears as it moves along a very distinct and catchy path.

A great riff opens When Nothing Is Left, a pummelling track where the band has spared no hooks in the interest of knocking out the listener. There’s a mid-section with inaudible voice samples gives this song a narrative edge that is engaged with the music, and discernible alongside the lyrics and delivery.

a hooky fuzzy beast…

Deathmaker is a collection of single-string riffs which doesn’t land as hard as previous tracks but is still a hooky fuzzy beast. Crippled Shadow is a slow and sedentary animal, meant for the profound part of a high as the additional room allows different textures in the vocals to shine. The track then breakdowns towards the end paying off the listener.

Pleasant Death opens on another catchy riff, with the drums teasing the ear as the fills bring in some great dynamics and the chorus is probably the catchiest part of the album, although the slow mid-section doesn’t have the same impact after the crushing ear blast of the guitars throughout the album.

Bed Of Bones proves the guitar devastation is all in until the end, which can be pretty numbing by this point, although the bass adds extra colour. It’s a good album closer, capping off the fuzz aggression, while the samples add textures highlighting the vocals, although being a big part of the song, they should perhaps be generally given a more prominent place fitting of their role.

Funeral Blues releases tomorrow, 7th April, through Ripple Music.

Label: Ripple Music
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Goro Riffs