Wort ‘Not Your Cup Of Tea’ CD/DD 2014

Wort 'Not Your Cup Of Tea'Sometimes, when you hear a new release by a band you’ve been previously unaware of and you think, man this is pretty good, you go looking for a physical record. I got the download of this to review, and halfway through the first track, I was searching for a place to grab the CD. Fate would have it that they’re all sold out…

Not Your Cup Of Tea’ is four tracks of grove heavy sludge doom, taking its finest cues from the likes of Weedeater and EyeHateGod. ‘Suicide Tram Ride’ is a righteous slab of massive groove, a house built on foundations of misery and bile but with a decidedly stoner doom stomp. We’re off to a good start.

The Swine Herd’ continues this path of fuzz laden destruction, carving a path of rumbling menace. The vocals on this track are great, sounding almost hopeless, crushed under the heaviness. Wort is a band that excels with riffs. They sink into your brain, demanding repeated spins to appreciate. ‘Fire Flute’ has a cool opening vibe; a laid back swaggering groove with some great bluesy riffing. You could almost compare Wort to Iron Monkey, if Iron Monkey were from the southern deserts of the USA.

Closing with the deceptively simple ‘Tea’, laden with odd samples and tar thick sludge riffs that bring to mind NOLA’s finest sons, EyeHateGod, Wort show enough in this brief fifteen minute release to warrant a closer look on a full length. Twisting, howling and hammering their way into the ‘keep an eye on’ pile. Find and worship the fucking riff.

Label: When Planets Collide
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Sandy Williamson