Trap Them ‘Seizures In Barren Praise’ CD/LP 2008

Trap Them 'Seizures In Barren Praise' CD/LP 2008Jesus-fuck-Mary-and-Joseph…this is fucking dirty, dirty grind, punk, metal!

Take Nasum’s high velocity head spinning grind, that very same grind that breathed new life into the whole genre and made it seriously bloody exciting again after it’s mid-nineties stint in the punk wilderness. Then have it collide at atom smashing speed with Entombed’s head-banging satan praising rock’n’punk. What would that then leave you with my dirty little herberts? Well, in a word (or two) Trap Them that’s what!

With an intro song that will have you kissing the ground in thanks for distorted guitars, kick drums and adrenaline. The album drops sharply into the classic crust grind of second song ‘Targets’, but the album doesn’t maintain breakneck speed throughout, it tempers the grind with spacious brooding passages as evident on ‘Gutterbomb Heaven’. It’s that intensity level that keeps you stuck in a state of fixed lob-on metal euphoria.

As I get longer in the tooth and witness myself turning into one of those ‘veteran’ dudes, you know the ones, they stand at the back of gigs nodding there heads and look as if life has been unnecessarily hard on them. Well, you just don’t seem to get that ‘hair on the back of your neck standing on end’ feeling much, so my thanks to Trap Them for writing ‘Seizures in Barren Praise’. They managed that rarest of reaction in this particular 31 year old metal bloke.

I’m not gonna write any more just go and buy it! Damn near fucking essential!

Label: Deathwish Inc

Scribed by: Andrew Sloan