Review: Suspiriorum ‘Suspiriorum’ EP

From the murky depths of Austin, comes Suspiriorum, a mysterious band of astral travellers who seem to prefer to keep their true selves hidden away from the mortal world. Heavy rock with some subtle occultist overtones (and also obvious references to the Argento film classics!) lends a dirtiness to their sound that is frequently offset by the more melodic elements of their style.

Suspiriorum 'Suspiriorum' Artwork
Suspiriorum ‘Suspiriorum’ Artwork

Cracking in with a sample from (from? or maybe not) the aforementioned film, Regina di Sangue eases into the mood with a slow but powerful riff before the sweetly ethereal femme vox hit town. The bassist slings out some decent lines as well, a bit fiddly than I generally like from the low end but he does it well! The twin guitars play off each other at times whilst at others hold hands and play with the single-mindedness of both halves of Siamese twins.

Mother Suspiriorum steps briskly, with some chiming guitars and soaring vocal lines. The drums have a jazzy feel to them in the lighter moments, but pull things together well when the song gets a bit chunkier.

Heavy rock with some subtle occultist overtones lends a dirtiness to their sound…

The Dark Knows features a cool riff that also has shades of Pentagram’s Forever My Queen and is a bit more of a ‘go for the throat’ number. It’s got some classy guitar work that builds to a raucous crescendo and dirty feedback. The guttural chug to this track is probably why it was my pick of the litter from the EP.

Wrapping up the whole shebang is I Love The Night, with the dreamy guitar tones lubing the chute as the chords and gentle picking wash over the listener whilst the slow crawl of relentless darkness pursues.

It’s a cool and groovy little EP with some well-executed and authentic sounding early ‘70s style. The well played and varied styles over the four songs keep it interesting as well. Give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen??

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: El Jefe