Review: Masheena ‘West Coast Hard Rock’

1979 was a year to remember. Evidently, it helped conceive this latest album released by hard-rocking Norse men. West Coast Hard Rock follows their intro and single, 1979 that Masheena premiered early on. If I remember correctly, 1979 was the year the Sony Walkman was invented. Sid Vicious overdoses after he finds Nancy mysteriously dead.

Masheena 'West Coast Hard Rock' Artwork
Masheena ‘West Coast Hard Rock’ Artwork

To Masheena, 1979 holds enough substance to trance out on a guitar solo midway through their titled track song. Aside from 1979 being the year I was born when Jordache jeans and Dodge Swingers were still in, we can’t help to think of and thank Saint Vitus and Trouble for forming then.

Five Seconds Of Fame gives us some run for our money but brings me to compare the singer to Chris Cornell. Whether it had intentions to sound like an album that was written during the hard rock era in the Bay Area of SoCal could honestly have a lot of influence on it firsthand.

It turns and churns out, it’s way better than Audioslave but wakes the up urge to break out the old Faith No More records in the ‘80s and start the comparisons. Vocalists could be harder to find than drummers but that certainly doesn’t hinder Masheena ability to fill the position whatsoever. It’s as if this group could hardly wait to break their silence at times.

a real powerhouse move…

Just when you think Masheena might not be your cup of tea, they ring in another year and ‘70s rock decennial with their final song, Where Are You Now, that turns out to be a real powerhouse move on their behalf.

The cover art could have utilized an art director and musically, doses of Candlemass do come in and out at you like heat lightning streaks far out in the distant skies. You’ll be mesmerized to a degree, but to summarize if you are going to become a lifelong Masheena head-on fan, it depends on if you like to simmer and slow-stew your southern rock with guitar gods that Thin Lizzy blatantly came equipped with.

Remember slow and steady always wins the race! And so do bad reputations if you want to get turned around, mad or upside down about it.

Label: Majestic Mountain Records
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Scribed by: Spring ‘The Strutter’ Chase