Review: Slimelord ‘Chytridiomycosis Relinquished’

It’s better late than never with Slimelord’s new album out of 20 Buck Spin. We’re a couple of weeks into this English subterranean metal band’s release, and we will find it’s capable of growing on us like spores, even surviving on its own through asexual reproduction. It spurts up everywhere with multiplying double bass drum pedals, peltering us all at once.

Slimelord 'Chytridiomycosis Relinquished' Artwork
Slimelord ‘Chytridiomycosis Relinquished’ Artwork

With artwork designed by Brad More, the inlet unfolds into alchemic metal fury, rolling out screeching solos that wind their way through solar flare winds and leaving trails behind. It’s roomy and rather atmospheric by the second song Gut-Brain Axis which questions whether this death metal band can even hammer out funeral doom metal. Speaking in tongues is Andrew Ashworth’s name, and holistic health metal for the mental is the vocalist’s game.

Does this mean you have to be crazy to listen to Slimelord? Nah, just crazy if you miss out on the mushroom growth your entire body, living room and stereo will succumb to after inhaling their toxic holocaust of radioactive metal matter.

Slimelord’s a keeper for next month’s solar eclipse on April 8th. Its heaviness has the potential to swallow the sun up whole. If more recordings like these came out of Leeds, England and more songs sounded like the aforementioned Gut-Brain Axis, we wouldn’t even need solar shades to stare straight into the totality of the eclipse. We just need Slimelord to protect our pupils.

toxic holocaust of radioactive metal matter…

It’s a pleasant surprise to find a death metal band that sings about life, rather than dead carcasses and serial killers. Details were taken at Millwright’s Studio above Boom in Leeds, so much so that I am having difficulty finding a single mistake throughout the forty-seven-minute recording.

The Hissing Moor opens the consciousness and expands into even more murky, exploratory metal heading toward a dark spiraling abyss. The only thing I would cut short on this full-length is the title. Leaving an impact on your fans or followers consists of band and album names that everyone can spell without error.

Heroic Demise spins this back out into the multi-verse this band spun us in as the fractural drum beats almost remind me of what Deftones would sound like with Chris Barnes from Cannibal Corpse on vocals. Morbid Angel would be the least likely I would compare them to, but it’s worth mentioning they are the United Kingdom’s heaviest, psychotronic, delusional head metal that ever opened for Napalm Death, I guarantee. 

As for briefing you on 20 Buck Spin, its catalogue is just as mind-expanding while it houses anything from Pallbearer’s demo to Lunar Womb by The Obsessed. YOB can certainly exist without an American-based label, but not by much. If you store your music by labels instead of alphabetically, this will slide in between all of these adding to your collection. 

Label: 20 Buck Spin
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

Scribed by: Spring ‘The Strutter’ Chase