Salem’s Pot ‘lurar ut dig på prärien’ CD/LP 2014

Salem’s Pot 'lurar ut dig på prärien'There have been, as of late, lots of bands coming out with record covers looking like 70’s exploitation/horror movie posters. This aesthetic makes for cool looking covers, but more often than not the music tends to lend towards the bland “I’ve heard this a million times before” Sabbath worship. Not that it’s bad, it’s just been done before. Sweden’s Salem’s Pot new record ‘lurar ut dig på prärien’ has just such a cover, it looks cool, but what does it SOUND like?

Well the album begins with the 14+ minute ‘Creep Purple’ beginning with some creepy, swirling, synthesizer to effectively set the mood before a slow, trance like, bluesy, riff that sounds like it was an outtake right off the 1st Black Sabbath album, effectively setting the song, and album, in motion. This riff goes on for a minute or so before the vocals kick in, which are also very Sabbath-ish. For some, this could just come off as a rehash of the classic formula, however Salem’s Pot pull it off so authentically that this is easy to overlook. This is a band with roots set firmly in the late 60’s early 70’s underground music, and film, which really put that atmosphere into their songs. As the song trudges along, only picking up the pace a couple of times throughout, it creates an otherworldly vibe taking the listener from the safety of their stereo straight into a Jess Franco nightmare. For some starting an album off with a 14 minute song might be pushing it, however this really sets the mood for the rest of the album and isn’t that what the leadoff track is supposed to do?

Dr. Death’, the second track, starts off slowly much like ‘Creep Purple’ building and building atmosphere. This track is very heavy, bad vibes are a plenty. Effectively utilizing the synthesizer in key parts of the song; makes one feel like the drugs are now kicking in. This song is best enjoyed if you just lose yourself in the sonic gloom courtesy of vintage tones sounding as if they are straight out of 1971, and just drift away.

Nothing Hill’ the third and final track, keeps the bad vibes, and tempo consistent; slow, low and hateful. Not deviating from the flow of the album at all. What Salem’s Pot forgo in originality they make up for in authenticity; I mean this record sounds like it was recorded in the 70’s. This is a “cool” album, a cool cover, cool music, and it makes me feel like I’m high as hell. This is the Sabbath album Sabbath should have made, so if you were let down by the masters and are still waiting patiently for a new Electric Wizard album, Salem’s Pot will fill that void completely.

Label: EasyRider Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Jason Fincher