Mournful Congregation ‘The Dawning of Mournful Hymns’ CD 2002

Mournful Congregation 'The Dawning of Mournful Hymns' CD 2002Enter the congregation of some seriously slow and mournful DOOM, then prepare for a sermon of misery and sorrow. Would you believe it’s a Double CD? The sermon is certainly a long one!!

A compilation of demo’s and promos spanning 7 years of audio despondency. Mournful Congregation plod along kicking out huge, crushing DOOM that is so entwined with grief and despair its untrue. All this is interwoven and accompanied by some beautiful melodies and guitar licks. Its true to say that the whole thing drums/guitar/vocals are weighed down with a heavy burden.

The vocals range from a spoken or whispered delivery to a commanding, expressive growl, perfect for the sermons at hand. Nicely placed among the epic lamentations are mellower, lighter and shorter pieces giving the listener a taste of solace to ease the pain.

I’d been after this for a while and was well happy when the good folk at Golden Lake Productions got some in stock. Myself, I think it’s a great release but it will not be everybody’s bag. Hardcore DOOMHAEDS only. They’ve also just released their second full length effort entitled ‘The Monad of Creation’, more info can be found on the respective sites below.

Label: Weird Truth

Scribed by: Mark Burns