Martyr AD ‘On Earth As It Is In Hell’ CD 2005

Martyr AD 'On Earth As It Is In Hell' CD 2005This is the second album from these US Hardcore stalwarts. Apparently the first album ‘The Human Condition in Twelve Fractions’ caused shockwaves worldwide but is oddly unavailable anywhere (believe me I have looked!) but luckily due for a re-release by Victory. But here, to wet your appetite is one of the most moving CDs I have heard in a long time, when I say moving, I mean it picks you out of your seat and shakes you so hard you almost end up with brain damage!

A nice instrumental leads us straight into a full on hardcore metallic hardcore assault. Lots of brutal riffage, chunky breakdowns, dirge like harmonics, insane barking vocals (with absolutely no “gay” vocals whatsoever!) all thrown into a big melting pot. One could argue that they are a tad “samey” but believe me, I wouldn’t want them to change. There are 11 tracks in all and it would be tough to point a stand out as they all crush me, however, if forced at gunpoint I would have to say ‘American Hollow’ (but I could just be saying this as it was the first song I heard on a Metal Hammer Cover DVD nonetheless and it was instantly memorable) but it really would be a stickler to find a favourite.

Think European post hardcore outfits (ala Carol, Acme etc)…turn the tempo up a few notches and you are just about there……and some!

Too bad they have just split up.

Label: Victory Records

Scribed by: Jas Murray